About the Register


The register details a proposed structure for the Wilson family associated with the parish of Uphall in West Lothian, Scotland, and related locations. There are descriptions of the more frequently mentioned locations on the Location Information page. In particular the section is intended to determine potential ancestral and related families of James Wilson, progenitor of the Wilson families who would later emigrate to Tasmania.

The register is primarily comprised of family pages that are internally linked, starting with the earliest, William Wilson and Katrein Liddel, and ending with the latest, James Wilson and Catherine Boak. Each page contains all the relevant details for that particular family, including points of discussion. Anyone researching a particular family is encouraged to Contact this site so they can be registered and post comments on the relevant family page, whether it be to prove or disprove a connection. It is hoped by opening up the proposed structure in this way we can begin to verify the suggested connections between families.

The structure was provided by Helen Brown as a report from the Genealogy program Brother’s Keeper. Gwenda Oxley provided the initial information to Helen from research conducted by Gwenda and Margaret Rackham. Helen has added supplementary data. The structure has been in development since ca. 2000 and was passed to John Horton on 11 Jan 2012. Since that time John and Sue Liston have added supporting references.

There is also an Unlinked Families section for those Wilson families in the target regions that cannot be associated with any of the linked families, and Location Information for most of the parishes mentioned.

How to Use this Section

The pages are designed to track reference sources for the stated events by indicating if they have been verified or not. This allows an easy overview of family structures not supported by historical documentation. Points of discussion have also been added where there are differing versions of the same events. Data entry has been standardized to assist in easy identification of information. Commenting on individual pages is encouraged to further research.

Reference Legend

Blue Text – Verified
Red Text – Not Verified
Green Text – Discussion or Notes

Standard Entry

First Names and Surnames should be entered exactly as they appear in the relevant record. (e.g. WILSONE or WILLSOUNE should NOT be changed to WILSON)

First Names SURNAME born or bapt. DD/MM/YYYY to Father’s Names SURNAME and Mother’s Names SURNAME in PARISH. (Transcription, if available) [Reference] First Names SURNAME married DD/MM/YYYY Spouse Names SURNAME in PARISH. (Transcription, if available) [Reference] First Names SURNAME died DD/MM/YYYY in PARISH [Reference] Spouse Names SURNAME born or bapt. DD/MM/YYYY to Father’s Names SURNAME and Mother’s Names SURNAME in PARISH. (Transcription, if available) [Reference]

Source Reliability

Sources can be ranked in order of reliability, where 3 is the most reliable and 1 is the least reliable. This allows for ranking of data, particularly useful when there are conflicting dates or places for events. A verified source only proves the associated event has a historical basis. It does not prove linked families unless explicitly indicated.

Source Notes, Reliability
GROS [Births & Baptisms (OPR: 1538-1854)] OR [Banns & Marriages (OPR: 1538-1854)] Old Parish Registers (OPR)
Reliability level 3
[BDM Birth, Death, or Marriage Registration] Jurisdictional or Statutory Registers (BDM)
Reliability level 3
[IGI Community Indexed] International Genealogical Index
OPR Transcriptions
Reliability level 3
[St. Nicholas Headstone Transcriptions] Headstone Transcriptions
Reliability level 3
[IGI Community Contributed] International Genealogical Index
Member Submissions
Reliability level 2
[LDS User Submitted Genealogies] OR [Ancestry Family Trees] OR [My Heritage Family Trees] Ancestral File or Pedigree Resource File
Reliability level 2

Level 1 reliability is information that is provided without explicit references.

As previously noted, reliability does not apply across generations unless explicitly indicated.


The first task is to confirm the individual events against available references. As a by-product any other candidate families will be added to the un-linked registers. A candidate family is chosen by name and location, and the predominant locations are those parishes sharing a border with Uphall in West Lothian:

  • Uphall, West Lothian
  • Kirkliston, West Lothian
  • Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
  • Livingston, West Lothian
  • Mid Calder, Midlothian
  • Kirknewton and East Calder, Midlothian

There is more information about these places on the Location Information page.

The second task, and the most difficult, is to confirm the grouping of individuals across generations. In its simplest form, this is just to investigate each individual marriage and identify other possible candidates: is this person born or baptized here the same person who married that person there? It is hoped over time by exposing the register in this way that further detail from other researchers may become available which will assist with that process.