Agnes Wilson, Thomas Eadie and Peter Greenlaw

Agnes Wilson was baptised on 17 June 1827 in Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland, the daughter of David Wilson and Jean or Jane Crawford.1 Agnes’ mother Jean or Jane died when Agnes was 22 on 17 December 1849 in Scotland. Agnes’ father David died just under four years later on 30 June 1853 in Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, Scotland.2

Agnes married Thomas Eadie on 11 April 1854 in Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, Scotland.3 Thomas was born about 1831 in Scotland.4

Agnes and Thomas came to Tasmania on the Chatham with so many of their other relatives. Their first child was born on the journey.5

Detail of Chatham Shipping Record
Detail of Chatham Shipping Record
Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office

Agnes and Thomas had the following children.







bn. 11 Dec 1854

At Sea6



dd. 05 Mar 1920

Parattah, TAS




Jane Crawford

bn. 04 Jul 1856

Oatlands, TAS7



dd. 07 Aug 1935

Scottsdale, TAS



bn. 24 Apr 1858

Oatlands, TAS8


Stephen Ayson

dd. 25 May 1948

Moonah, TAS



bn. 10 May 1860

Oatlands, TAS9



dd. 15 Aug 1944

Campbell Town, TAS



bn. 18 May 1862

Oatlands, TAS10


Agnes Charlotte

dd. 02 Sep 1937

Hobart, TAS



bn. 18 May 1862

Oatlands, TAS11


William Amos

dd. 27 Oct 1951

Launceston, TAS



bn. 21 Aug 1864

Oatlands, TAS12

Remained Single

dd. 18 Nov 1906

Parattah, TAS

Thomas Eadie was in court in Oatlands in April 1863 for non-payment of work:

Monday 27th April, 1803
Before the Worshipful the Warden and Councillor Roe.

Thomas Eadie appeared to a summons issued against him upon the complaint of Thomas Fleming, to show cause why he should not pay the sum of 12s. 6d. money owing for work done at reaping.

The defendant said he did not admit owing the money.

The complainant stated that he engaged to reap with his son a three corner paddock of barley last harvest for the defendant, at ton shillings an acre. Witness went out on a Thursday and reaped till the following Saturday, during which time he did 1 acre 1 rood 3 perches, when he fell poorly and was compelled to return home. He sent a man in his place on the Monday following, who went on reaping for the defendant. When it was over, witness applied for payment. At first the defendant said he had not measured the ground. Upon a second application he refused to pay, and told witness he had no right to quit the job.

John Baker deposed that at the request of the complainant, who went out to the defendant to do some reaping, that the former had left undone. The defendant told him he was glad complainant had sent him out. Witness told defendant that the complainant had sent him out. Defendant did not put witness to reap the barley which the complainant had been reaping.

Charles Fleming, son of the complainant, proved having taken the 1ast witness out to the defendant's in the place of the complainant.

The defendant strongly denied his liability, and asseverated that he had been a considerable loser in consequence of the grain not having been got down in sufficient time through the act of the complainant.

The bench after slight deliberation made an order for payment of the amount with costs.

The Court then rose.13

He was again in court in November 1864 for again not paying wages.

BEFORE His Worship the Warden, and Councillor Pillinger.

Thomas Eady appeared to an adjourned summons for refusing to pay John Larcom £3 10s., balance of wages for work as a farm laborer. The short facts of the case on both sides have already appeared in the Mercury. It may be repeated, however, that the simple point at issue was whether there was an undoubted retainer by the defendant for services at fixed wages. The defendant and his wife swore that there was no such agreement, and that the complainant voluntarily sought the service, and agreed to job about for his own lodging and tobacco, and moreover showed that the complainant even worked for others while with the defendant.

The justices were unanimous in dismissing the complaint with 7s. 6J. costs.

The complainant applied for time, which was allowed.14

Thomas Eadie died on 21 June 1867 in Oatlands, Tasmania. The cause of death was stated as a haemorrhage from injury of head.15 An inquest was held on 22 June 1867 in the Kentish Hotel run by James Bourke where it was found that “Thomas Eadie met his death by accident in consequence of heamorrhage from a wounded vessel within the brain caused while leaping from a cart in motion at Oatlands on Friday the twenty first day of June…”.16

Inquest into the Death of Thomas Eadie
Inquest into the Death of Thomas Eadie
Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office

Jane Crawford Eadie, Thomas and Agnes eldest daughter, married James Bartley on 8 December 1874 in Oatlands, Tasmania.17 James was born about 1848 but nothing further is known of his origins. A James Bartley was born in 1853 in Richmond, Victoria to Martin Bartley and Mary Joyce but no connection has been made.18 James and Jane had six children that have been traced.

Agnes Eadie, nee Wilson, married for a second time to Peter Greenlaw on 31 July 1878 in Oatlands, Tasmania. Alexander and Catherine Scott were witnesses.19 Peter’s daughter Jane from his first marriage was married to Augustus Aitchison on the same day.

Peter Greenlaw was born about 1815 in Linlithgow, Scotland. Peter’s wife from his previous marriage, Mary, had died in July 1874.20 It is currently unknown when the couple had made their way to Tasmania, although it was after 1851 as the couple and their two children at the time, William and Jane, appear in the Scottish 1851 census.

Within four years however Agnes’ marriage to Peter was over when he died on 1 April 1882 in Oatlands, Tasmania. The cause of death was phthisis, or pulmonary consumption. His son in law, Augustus Aitchison of Oatlands, was the informant.21

GREENLAW. On April 1, at Woodbank, Oatlands, Peter Greenlaw, aged 67 years. The funeral will leave Woodbank, on WEDNESDAY, at 11 a.m., and Oatlands station at 3 p.m. Friends respectfully invited to attend.22

The following year Ellen Eadie married Stephen Ayson Bumford on 1 June 1883 in Oatlands, Tasmania.23 Stephen was born on 27 September 1859 in Campbell Town, Tasmania, the son of Edward Ayson Bumford and Celia Catherine Weavill.24 Stephen and Ellen had six children that have been traced.

David Eadie married Jane Burrill on 30 June 1885 in Oatlands, Tasmania.25 Jane was born on 11 August 1867, the daughter of James Burrill and Jane Fleming.26 David and Jane had eight children that have been traced.

Thomas Eadie married Margaret Wilson on 28 October 1885 in Oatlands, Tasmania.27 Margaret was born on 1 November 1858, Oatlands, Tasmania, the daughter of Alexander Crawford Wilson and Magaret Smith.28 Margaret had been married previously to George Wilson and they had three children before George’s death in 1882. Thomas and Margaret had three children that have been traced.

Catherine Eadie married William Amos Mace on 4 August 1886 in Oatlands, Tasmania.29 William was born on 22 June 1861 in Launceston, Tasmania, the son of Warren Mace and Sophia Bracey.30 William and Catherine had five children that have been traced.

Margaret Eadie, nee Wilson, the wife of Thomas Eadie, died on 22 May 1890 in Oatlands, Tasmania. The cause of death was “retained placenta”.31

Margaret Eadie left a Last Will and Testament which had yet to be transcribed.32

Thomas remarried Annie Parnell on 25 October 1893 in Oatlands, Tasmania.33 Anna Parnell was born on 4 November 1861 in Oatlands, the daughter of Robert Parnell and Lucy Weller.34 Thomas and Annie had two children that have been traced.

Agnes Greenlaw, formerly Eadie, nee Wilson, died on 16 July 1902 in Parattah, Tasmania.35

Agnes Greenlaw, formerly Eadie, nee Wilson
Agnes Greenlaw, formerly Eadie, nee Wilson

GREENLAW. On Wednesday, July 16, 1902, at her residence, Springfield, Parattah, Agnes, the widow of the late P. Greenlaw, aged 76 years. The funeral will leave her late residence on Satur- day, July 19, at 1.30 p.m., for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands.36

Agnes Eadie, the youngest child and daughter of Thomas Eadie and Agnes Wilson, died on 18 November 1906 in Parattah, Tasmania.37 Agnes had remained single and had no children.

John Eadie married Agnes Charlotte Weeding on 3 July 1912 in Mount Seymour, Tasmania.38 Agnes was born on 18 October 1875 in Oatlands, Tasmania, the daughter of Charles Robert Weeding and Charlotte Tolland.39 John and Agnes had two children that have been traced.

Thomas Eadie died on 5 March 1920 in Parattah, Tasmania.40

EADIE. On March 5th, at his late residence, Parattah, Thomas the dearly beloved husband of Hannah Eadie aged 67 years. Beloved by all who knew him. To be with Christ, which is far better. The funeral will move from his late residence on Saturday the 6th inst at 3 o'clock p.m., for Oatlands Presbyterian Cemetery.41

A small notice was published about his passing which revealed some of the antecendant causes.

An old and esteemed resident of Parattah has passed away in the person of the late Mr Thomas Eadie, who for the greater part of his life resided at this place. Some twelve months ago, whilst helping to rope a truck at the railway after loading deceased was accidentally jammed by the shunting of other trucks, from the effects of which he never properly recovered.42

James Bartley, the husband of Jane Crawford Eadie, died on 9 January 1924 in Scottsdale, Tasmania.43

BARTLEY. On the 9th January, 1924, at his residence, Scottsdale, James, dearly beloved husband of Jane Bartley, aged 79 years.

BARTLEY. The funeral of the late James Bartley is appointed to leave his late residence, Alice-street, Scottsdale, to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, for the Ellesmere Cemetery.44

Stephen Ayson Bumford died on 2 July 1932 in Sandy Bay, Tasmania.

BUMFORD. On July 2, 1932, at 9 Lambert Avenue, Sandy Bay, Stephen Ayson, dearly beloved husband of Ellen Bumford, In the 73rd year of his age. (Late of Parattah.)45

In July 1935 David Eadie and Jane Burrill celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.


The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. David Eadie was celebrated at their residence, Springfield, Parattah, on Sunday. About 30 guests attended the reception, and Mr. and Mrs. Eadie received many presents and congratulations.

An evening was held in the Jubilee Hall, Parattah, yesterday, and was largely attended. On behalf of the residents of the district Mr. A. Fox made a presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Eadie.

Mr. and Mrs. Eadie were married on June 30, 1885, at the residence of the bride's parents at Mount Seymour, by the late Rev. Lachlan Campbell, minister of the Free Church of Scotland, Oatlands. Mr. Eadie, who, is in his 75th year, is the second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eadie, Mount Seymour, and was born at Anstey Barton, Waverley. Mrs. Eadie is 67 years old, and was Miss Jane (Dolly) Burrill, fourth daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Burrill. Mr. and Mrs. Eadie have lived at Parattah during their married life, and are amongst the pioneers of the district, Mr. Eadie having carried on pastoral pursuits. The couple are adherents of the Presbyterian Church, having been members for about 46 years. There are five sons, Leslie (Latrobe), Sidney (Derby), Arthur and Victor (Parattah), and Charles (Hobart), and two daughters, Mrs. J. Pomeroy (Adelaide) and Mrs. J. Daniels (Milang, S.A.). There are 16 grand-children and four great-grand-children living.46

Jane Crawford Bartley, nee Eadie, the wife of James Bartley, died on 7 August 1935 in Scottsdale, Tasmania.

BARTLEY. On August 7,1935, at her late residence. Scottsdale, Jane, relict of the late James Bartley, and eldest daughter of the late Thomas and Agnes Eadie, sen., of Oatlands, In her 80th year.47

BARTLEY. On August 7th, 1935, at the Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale, Jane, dearly beloved wife of the late James Bartley, of Scottsdale, aged 76 years.

The funeral of the late Jane Crawford Bartley is appointed to leave the North-Eastern Soldiers' Memorial Hospital for the Ellesmere Cemetery, Friday (this day), at 3.30 p.m. Friends are cordially invited to attend.48

John Eadie died on 2 September 1937 in Hobart, Tasmania.

EADIE. On September 2, 1937, at a private hospital, Hobart, John, the dearly beloved husband of Agnes Eadie, of Parattah, aged 75 years.

EADIE. Funeral of the late Mr. John Eadie, of parattah, will take place at Oatlands on Saturday afternoon (To-morrow). Service will be held at the Presbyterian Church at 2.30. After service cortege proceeding to the Oatlands Presbyterian Cemetery.49

An obituary was published on 7 September 1937 in the Mercury.

Funeral at Oatlands

The funeral of Mr. John Eadie, of Parattah, who died in a private hospital at Hobart, took place at the Oatlands Presbyterian cemetery. The Rev. J. A. Finlay conducted the service. Mr. Eadie, who was in his 75th year, was one of the oldest residents of Parattah, where he carried on a pastoral partnership for many years. He is survived by his wife and a son, Mr. K. Eadie, and a daughter, Miss J. Eadie.50

William Amos Mace, the husband of Catherine Eadie, died on 13 July 1939 in Launceston, Tasmania.

MACE. On July 13, 1939, at his residence, 8 Vernon-street, Launceston, William Amos, dearly beloved husband of Catherine Mace, and loving father of Mont, Rus, Muriel and Des. Aged 78 years.

MACE. The funeral of the late Mr. William Amos Mace is appointed to leave his late residence, 8 Vernon street, this day (Saturday, July 15) at 2.30,o'clock, for interment in the Prospect Cemetery. Friends are invited to attend.51

David Eadie died on 15 August 1944 in Campbell Town, Tasmania.

Mr David Eadie

One of the oldest residents of Parattah, Mr David Eadie, died at Campbell Town on Tuesday, at the age of 85 years He had been in ill-health for the past eight years.

Mr Eadie was one of the best farmers and shearers of the district. He was the second son of the late Mr and Mrs Thomas Eadie, of Mt. Seymour, and was born at Anstey Barton, Waverley. He married Miss Jane Burrill, of Mt. Seymour, in 1885, and the couple lived at Parattah ever since. A devout church-man, Mr Eadie was an elder of the Presbyterian Church for 20 years.

He leaves a wife, five sons, Rowlette (Latrobe), Arthur (Parattah), Sydney (Derby), Victor (Parattah), and Charles (Campbell Town), and two daughters, Mrs J Daniels and Mrs J. Pomeroy (South Australia). Mrs Bumford (Moonah), and Mrs Mace (Launceston) are sisters. There are 17 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren.

The funeral at Oatlands yesterday was attended by a large gathering of residents from Parattah and Mt. Seymour. The Rev J. Henderson conducted the service. Mr Fred Burbury, a lifelong friend of Mr Eadie, who addressed the congregation, paid tribute to his sterling character and integrity, and his devoted work for the church.

Chief mourners were the sons, Mrs R. Eadie (daughter-in-law), Mr Charles Burrill (Hobart, brother-in-law); Mrs John Eadie (sister-in-law). Messrs A. S. and B. Burrill, Max Johnson, H., R., K., and T. Eadie, and M. Mollineaux (nephews). R. C. Burrill, and H. D. Bailey. Among the gathering were three brother elders, Messrs F. Burbury (session clerk), W. Wilson sen. and James Wilson and Cr W. M. Lester.

Funeral arrangements were by W. Lockett and Sons, Campbell Town.52

Jane Eadie, nee Burrill, the wife of David Eadie, died on 12 October 1946 in Hobart, Tasmania.

EADIE. On October 12, 1946, at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Jane, beloved wife of the late David Eadie, of Parattah, and loving mother of Rowl (Latrobe), Maud (Mrs. J. Pomeroy, Adelaide), Arthur (Parattah), Syd (Derby), Vic (Parattah), Zill (Mrs. J. Daniels, Adelaide), and Charlie (Campbell Town). In her 80th year.

EADIE. Funeral service for the late Mrs. Jane Eadie, of Parattah will be held in the Presbyterian Church, Oatlands, on Tuesday (to-morrow) at 2.30 p.m., following which interment will take place at the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.53

Jane was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery on 15 October 1946 in Oatlands, Tasmania.54

Ellen Bumford, nee Eadie, the wife of Stephen Ayson Bumford, died on 25 May 1948 in Moonah, Tasmania.

BUMFORD. On May 25, 1948, at her residence, 59 Bayswater Rd, Moonah, Ellen, beloved wife of the late Stephen , Bumford (late of Parattah), and loving mother of Ayson. May, and Vida, in her 91st year.55

BUMFORD. The funeral of the late Mrs Ellen Bumford will move from her late residence. 59 Bayswater Rd., Moonah, on Thursday (This Day), at 10.30 am, arriving at Oatlands Presbyterian Cemetery at 12.30. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.56

Catherine Mace, nee Eadie, the wife of William Amos Mace, died on 27 October 1951 in Launceston, Tasmania.

MACE. On October 27, at 391 Wellington St., Launceston, Catherine, the dearly loved wife of the late William Amos Mace, and loving mother of Mont (Exeter), Bus (Launceston), Muriel (Launceston), Des (N.S.W.). In her 90th year.

MACE. The funeral of the late Mrs. Catherine Mace is appointed to leave the Funeral Chapel, 16 Brisbane St., on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock for the Prospect Cemetery. Friends are invited to attend.57

An obituary was published on 2 November 1951 in the Launceston Examiner.

Mrs. Catherine Mace

THE death occurred at her residence, 391 Wellington St., Launceston, of Mrs. Catherine Mace, aged 89 years. Mrs. Mace was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Eadie, Springfield, Parattah, and was the widow of the late Mr. William A. Mace, whom she married 65 years ago. She was for some years station mistress at Tunbridge and Melton Mowbray. Most of her married life was spent in Launceston, where she and her husband were original members of the Sandhill Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Mace is survived by three sons, Montague (Exeter), Russell (Launceston), and Desmond (N.S.W.), and one daughter, Miss Muriel Mace.

The funeral took place at the Prospect Cemetery. Services were conducted by the Rev. A. J. McAdam, of the Sandhill Presbyterian Church. Chief mourners were two sons and daughter, and Messrs. Jack, James, William, Donald, Warren and Murray Mace (grandsons). Mr. and Mrs. T. Westlake (granddaughter), Mr. M., R. Mace (grandson) and Mrs. Mace, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Mace (brother and sister-in law), Mrs. M. J. Mann (niece), Messrs. C. Eddie. R. Brumby, and D. R. Mace (nephews). Pallbearers were four grandsons, Messrs. Montague, James, Donald and Murray Mace. Funeral arrangements were by C. T. Finney and Sons.58

Agnes Charlotte Eadie, nee Weeding, the wife of John Eadie, died on 22 August 1969 in Hobart, Tasmania. Agnes was buried on 25 August 1969 in Oatlands, Tasmania.59