David Pringle Laird and Jane McNutt

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David Pringle LAIRD born 15/05/1853, bapt. 09/06/1853 to Jessie WILSON and Robert Balfour LAIRD in Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.1 David Pringle LAIRD married Jane McNUTT 30/09/1878 in Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada.2 David Pringle LAIRD died 08/09/1905 in Muckairn, Argyll, Scotland.3 Jane McNUTT born 02/02/1853 to Alexander McNUTT and Ruby Ann HILL in Londonderry, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada.4 Jane LAIRD nee McNUTT died 02/12/1914 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.5


1. Ruby Hill LAIRD born 21/05/1881 to David Pringle LAIRD and Janet McNULTE in Edinburgh, St. George, Scotland.6 Ruby Pringle LAIRD married Samuel Orr LONG 15/07/1936 in Los Angeles, California, USA.7


David Pringle Laird was drowned in Loch Awe:


The sad intelligence reached Edinburgh on Saturday night of the drowning at Loch Awe of Mr David Pringle Laird, senior partner of the firm of Messrs R. B. Laird & Sons, nurserymen and florists, Edinburgh. Mr Laird left home last Monday for Oban and district on a business jour-ney, and had been communicating daily- with his friends at home. As late as Saturday a letter written from him from Loon Awe on Friday night, and written with the expectation that ho would in all probability be home before it was delivered. His non-arrival caused no alarm, but late at night the relatives were informed through the police that the body of Mr Laird had been found in the loch. No details of the accident are available, for the relatives are in possession of no information beyond what they got from the police, and that consisted only of the sad fact that the body had been found. The relatives leave to-day for Loch Awe. Mr Laird, who was 52 years of age, was at the head of one of the oldest established firms of seedsmen in the country. He took a prominent part in all horticultural affairs in Edinburgh, and was a moving spirit in the big chrysanthemum and other shows held under the auspices of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Scciety in the Waverley Market. He was a Justice of Peace for the county, and a mem-ber of Corstorphine School Board jnd Parish Council. An enthusiastic curler, he was one of the Scottish team that went to Canada. He was also a prominent member of the Free-masons. Deceased is survived by a widow and a son and daughter. The Rev. James Ferguson, parish minister of Corstorphine, made allusion to the sad event yesterday in the church, of which deceased was an elder.

LATEST DETAILS OF THE FATALITY. Our Oban correspondent telegraphs to-day. Later information regarding the drowning at Lech Awe of Mr D. P. Laird shows that the deceased arrived at Loch Awe on Friday afternoon, baying travelled from Oban. He engaged a bed-room in the hotel, and towards evening proceeded be the station to await the arrival of the evening paper. He met one of his customers, who resides the other side of the loch, and whose launch was lying at the pier. Mr Laird saw the launch off, calling to his friend as he left to be sure to come to Edinburgh Flower Show on Wednesday. That was the last seen of Mr Laird. Next morning he was missed, his room at the hotel not having been occupied. His cap and cigar case were found in the loch, and the worst being feared, Mr Fraser, hotel-keeper, ordered trawling operations to be proceeded with. After four hours' work, the body was found in the water opposite the hotel. In deceased's left hand was a box of matches, and in his right he held his gold watch, which had stopped at 11.18.8

David Pringle Laird
David Pringle Laird
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