Later Years in Tasmania

James and Ann's daughter Sarah Hay married George Humphrey Gladman on 2 June 1843 in Launceston, Tasmania.1 George Gladman had emigrated from England to West Australia in 1833 but who left Perth in 1835 for Van Diemen's Land.2 George and Sarah had eight children and remained living in the Launceston area.

In 1845 James and Robert Hay were admitted as students to the VDL Company School at Circular Head. They were recorded as admitted on 12 May 1845 and in the June 1848 return of the school James was aged 13 3/4 and Robert was aged 11 3/4.3 There is more detail to add from the VDL records.

Margaret Hay married Thomas Brown on 13 May 1850 in the Horton district of Tasmania. Thomas was recorded as aged 24, making his birth year about 1826, Margaret Hay was recorded as aged 18. Thomas signed the register but Margaret made her mark. James Hay and Isabella Allan were witnesses.4 The origins of Thomas Brown are still unknown at this point. Margaret and Thomas had two children in Van Diemen's Land and them emigrated to Victoria where they had a further eight children.

James Hay Snr. died in January 1855 in Emu Bay. His death was not officially registered but was reported in the Launceston Examiner.

Death Notice for James Hay

Death Notice for James Hay
Launceston Examiner

At Emu Bay, Van Diemen's Land, January, 1855, Mr. James Hay, formerly of Aberdeen, N.B., father of Mrs. Gladman, Launceston.5

Without the insertion of that notice by James' daughter Sarah his descendants would never have known his fate.

At the end of the following year James and Ann Hay's daughter Ann Hay married William Henry Hudson on 16 December 1856 in the Horton district of Tasmania.6 William Hudson had arrived in the colony as a convict on the Blenheim and was ultimately assigned to the VDL Co. William Henry Hudson died as a result of a shipping accident on 7 May 1859.7 Ann Hay married for a second time on 12 November 1860 to David Howard, another convict, again in the Horton district of Tasmania.8 Ann and David would have a further four children to bring Ann's total to six.

Ann's brother George Hay died on 25 October 1861 in the Horton district of Tasmania. The cause of death was recorded as Disease of the Heart. For his rank or profession George was recorded as the son of Mrs Hay. According to the registration he was only 22. The informant was his brother John, a millwright at Stanley.9

John Hay died on 13 January 1863 in the Horton district of Tasmania. The cause of death was recorded as Suffocation by Drowning. Thomas Murray, the coroner at Stanley, was the informant. John was noted to be 42 years of age, and a miller by trade.10 An inquest was held into John's death in the home of Thomas John Bromley King at Bayfield Farm near Stanley. The report stated that:

...the deceased John Hay was drowned in the Glebe Creek near Circular Head between the hours of six pm on the 12th January Inst. and eight am of the 13th January Inst. but that there is not any evidence to show whether he came to his death accidently or otherwise.11

John's brother Robert Hay may not have known about his brothers fate, he married Ann McRae on 25 March 1863 in Maryborough, Victoria. Robert stated his birth place as Aberdeen, while Anne's birth place is Ross-shire. Robert was a Coach Driver and Anne engaged in domestic duties, both in Maryborough. Robert's parents were named as James Hay (a Cabinet Maker) and Ann Barclay, Anne's parents were Donald McRae (a Farmer) and Mary McLennan.12

Robert obviously believed he was born in Aberdeen, but this does not reconcile with the shipping or baptism records. Robert and Anne stayed in Marborough for the births of their four children before emigrating to New Zealand.

On 24 February 1870 George Humphrey Gladman, the husband of Sarah (nee Hay), died in Launceston at the reported age of 58. The cause of death was recorded as apoplexy, an archaic term for a stroke. George was noted to be the treasurer to the Launceston Town Council.13

Ann Hay (nee Barclay) died on 9 July 1870 in the Horton district at the reported age of 88. Ann is recorded as the “wife of the late John Hay”. The cause of death was debility, and the informant was Paul Mulroney (?), a labourer from Montagu.14

Death Registration of Ann Hay

Death Registration of Ann Hay
Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office

On 7 November 1879 John Jacobs, the husband of Barbara Hay, died at Yapeen in Victoria.15

Adding to the twists and turns of the Hay family Robert Hay emigrated to New Zealand prior to the 1880's, but died on 15 March 1882 in Timaru. Robert was recorded as a labourer, aged 47 years (he was actually 45). The cause of death was malignant scarlet fever. His parents were noted as James Hay, Cabinet Maker and Ann Barclay, that he had been married in Australia at the age of 28 years, that his wife was Ann Macrae and they had one son and three daughters living. He was buried on 17 Mar 1882 in Timaru, New Zealand. Most of Robert's family emigrated even further, ultimately living in Salt Lake City, in Utah, USA.16

Barbara Jacobs (nee Hay) died on 16 January 1886 in South Melbourne, Victoria, of Breast Cancer. Barbara was residing at 76 Raglan Street at time of death, and was buried on 18 Jan 1886 in St. Kilda, Victoria with her grand-daughter Letecia Lloyd.17

Of the remaining Hay sisters, Sarah Gladman (nee Hay) died on 24 February 1901 in George Street, Launceston,18 Ann Howard, (formerly Hudson and nee Hay) died on 30 January 1904 in Stowport, Tasmania,19 and Margaret Brown (nee Hay) died on 20 April 1906 in Trentham, Victoria.20

Robert Hay's wife Anne (nee McRae) died on 13 January 1915 in Salt Lake City, Utah.21

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