17 Sep 1859 - The Late Dr. Wilson

Just over a decade after Thomas Braidwood Wilson's death a correspodant to the Observer (as reproduced in the Empire) newspaper was lamenting the condition of Braidwood's founder's grave:


The following is from last Wednesday's Observer :

The late DR. WILSON. During the past week, while in conversation with an old resident of the town, speaking of the progress that was apparent, the name of its founder. Thomas Braidwood Wilson, was related. The history or this respected gentleman was related to us, and from it we are certainly led to believe that the town, and district as well, owe a debt to his memory which ought to be discharged. We refer to the creation of a monument in a conspicuous part of the town, as also the repairs necessary to the grave where his remains are deposited.

Dr. Wilson has now been dead about fourteen years, his grave ls upon the summit of a hill that overlooks the town to the N.E. The tomb and its enclosure are in a dilapidated condition. We are certain that many of the inhabitants, more particularly the "old hands" will at once make a movement In the matter, not only to restore the present tomb stone, but also to erect a pillar or some suitable monument in a conspicuous part of the town, to testify their appreciation of Its founder. Braidwood, as the old Inhabitants are aware, now stands on part of an original grant made to Mr. Thomas Braidwood Wilson by the Crown, an exchange was made for other land in order that the present site should be available for the township. From him it took its name, and surely it is not un-reasonable that some momento of the circumstance and his worth, should be erected as a lasting tribute of respect to his memory. The cost would be but trifling, and we hope to see the matter forthwith taken In hand.1