Albert J. Wood - The Message of the Emu

The following verse was written by Albert J. Wood. It is reproduced here in the belief that copyright for the item has lapsed, the author having died in 1940, but if you have any concerns in this regard please contact us.

The Message of the Emu River

WHERE the Emu flows singing
Its way to the sea,
My fancy goes winging
All lightsome and free;
And I see the brown water
Sweep on in its hauteur
Old Ocean's fair daughter
In sweet minstrelsy.

It was born of a fountain
That sparkles and flashes,
Adown the grey mountains,
'Where wild thunder crashes;
To trip a light measure
Where bush dryads treasure
The things of their pleasure,
As seaward it dashes.

Soft maidenhair's clinging
'Mid myrtle and ferns;
The bright stream goes swinging
Bound musk-scented turns;
And still it goes swooping,
Its joyous course keeping,
Where trout now are leaping,
Resistance it spurns.

It slips down the ridges,
Past bush blossoms rare;
It sweeps through the bridges
With freedom from care;
Till, done with its prancing,
Its gleaming and glancing,
To the sea it goes dancing
Past Burnie so fair.

And as it sweeps seaward
Past town lights a-quiver,
This message floats me-ward,
Intoned by the river:
"Take Burnie this greeting:
Depression is fleeting,
If hearts still are beating
With ceaseless endeavor."

"My watchword's 'Progression,'
A word that brings fame.
I laugh at depression,
And still 'play the game.'
I am still the same river,
I flow on forever,
Discouraged I'm never.
Be, Burnie, the same."