The Wilson Family of Uphall

This section includes significant contributions from Helen Brown, Margaret Rackham, Gwenda Oxley and Sue Liston, their assistance is gratefully appreciated. Leaving aside the association of James Wilson with The Wilsons of Wilsontown as unfounded, Wilson family researchers essentially started again in trying to trace James' origins, starting from his known locations. Most of James and Catherine's children's baptisms occurred in Kirknewton, in the parish of Kirknewton and East Calder, but James was a ploughman at Corston farm which is actually in the neighbouring West Lothian, and there was evidence suggesting a strong link with the village of Uphall, also in West Lothian. This section describes those locations and links, as well presenting a proposed Register of Wilson Families. We welcome discussion on any of these pages.

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Uphall Resources

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