While this section of the website is maintained by John Horton, the information presented here is the result of collaboration between numerous authors.

  • Janine Tarr, an Easton-White family descendant, clarified the structure of the family of Agnes Easton and John Ephraim White, and provided the link between Agnes and her uncle Thomas Easton who journeyed to Tasmania together.
  • Scotland's People has been a light in the dark for many Scottish researchers.
  • Bronwyn Williams has confirmed the relationship of Maney Easton with George Rutherford, and provided additional information on their children.
  • Verna Woods, along with an assistant who wished to remain anonymous, have been incredibly generous in sharing their research, and as a consequence have greatly enhanced the page devoted to Isobel Easton and Peter Oliver, and provided the stimulus to develop the page on Agnes Robina Easton and Charles Albert Nichols.
  • Ian Byers provided information that ultimately led to the conclusion that Maney Easton, (as Mary Easton) the daughter of James Easton and Harriet Rutherford, married John Burns snr and their two sons, James Easton Burns and John Burns jnr., also emigrated to Tasmania.