Agnes Easton and John Ephraim White

Agnes Easton was born on 27 September 1825 in Lilliesleaf, Roxburgh, Scotland to James Easton and Harriett Rutherford. Agnes was their second child and they would ultimately have four girls and one boy.

Lilliesleaf Parish is situated in the north east of the County of Roxburgh being bounded on the north by the Parish of Bowden, on the east by the Parish of Ancrum, on the south by the Parishes of Minto and Wilton and on the west by the Parishes of Ashkirk and Selkirk.1 Lilliesleaf is part of what is called the Borders region in Scotland, comprising the counties of Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire, Peebleshire and Berwickshire.

Lilliesleaf and Surrounding Locations

Lilliesleaf and Surrounding Locations
The Borders Family History Society

According to her birth record Agnes was baptized soon after birth, but the nature of the registration indicates that Agnes was probably baptized along with her older sister Isobel sometime after September 1825.2

Agnes’ father had a brother Thomas, and it was with this uncle and his family that Agnes emigrated to Tasmania with in the mid 1850s. Agnes, Thomas, his wife Mary, and their children, arrived in Tasmania on The Wanderer, 13 February 1855. Agnes' occupation was stated as Housemaid. All the Easton family were sponsored on the journey by Peter Oliver, the husband of Agnes’ Aunt Isobel.3

Agnes Easton married John White on 21 January 1856 in the home of Mr and Mrs N. A. Woods in Oatlands, Tasmania, the Reverend Lachlan MacKinnon Campbell performed the ceremony.4 John White's year of birth if calculated from the age he stated at marriage is about 1826. If calculated from the age stated when he died his birth year is about 1818. While John has been recorded as being from Galashiels, Scotland, his police service records have his reputed birthplace as Huntingdon, England.5

After their marriage in January the couple celebrated the arrival of their first child, a boy, in October. James Easton White was born on 10th October and baptised on the 29th of November of that year, but the birth was not registered until the 1st of December 1856 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.6 The child's name followed the Scottish naming pattern of including the mother's maiden name as a middle name.

John was appointed the district constable of Oatlands on 16 February 1858. He was recorded as 43 years old, making his birth year about 1815. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall and a labourer by trade. John stated his native place as Huntingdon, that he had arrived free to the colony, was married, but could only read and write "indifferently". He was Presbyterian and it was his first posting with the Police Service.7

On 31 December 1858 John and Agnes' second son Rutherford was born in the Oatlands district. Rutherford was the surname of Agnes Easton's mother. Rutherford was recorded as an un-named male for the State Registration.8

On 5 October 1859 John Ephraim White purchased 5 acres of land from Thomas Ryan in the suburbs of the Oatlands township. John was described as a Farm Overseer, while Thomas Ryan was described as a labourer. The sale cost was fifty pounds, and John was able to sign the deed indicating he could read and write.9

John and Agnes’ third child was their first daughter. Harriet Easton White was born on 18 September 1860, also in the Oatlands district.10

John was dismissed from the Police Force on 9 August 1861 for "Refusing to proceed to Emu Bay".11 The following year however he was reappointed and this was reported in The Mercury:

The WARDEN announced ... The appointments of constables ... as follows : -Charles Hodges, George Hill, and John Ephraim White, for Oatlands ; Thomas Mackey, for Spring Hill. Thomas Downes for Antill Ponds. Special Constable George Harries, at the Blue Hills; the other three special constables could not be appointed yet.12

In October 1862 John was reported as a witness in the trial of Edward Diaper who was charged with refusing to assist a Policeman in the execution of his duty:

Edward Diaper was summoned upon the in- formation of .Mr. William Exton, Superintendent of Police, for having on 26th September refused to aid and assist him in the lawful execution of his duty, he requiring assistance to convoy to the watchhouse a prisoner in charge, and the defendant being the nearest adult bystander a breach of the Bye Law of the Municipality.

The defendant pleaded not guilty.

Mr. William Exton said : I am a Superintendent of Police of the Rural Municipality of Oatlands. I produce a copy of the bye laws under which my information is laid. On the night of the 26th September I had a person in charge who had been given into my custody by Mr John Newby. The man proceeded quietly until he reached the corner by the wall leading to the watch-house. I was with him alone. The man in my charge said "I will not go to the watch-house." and then made an attempt to strike me. In consequence of this I turned round and I saw the defendant Edward Diaper, who was about 15 yards from me. I said to him " Help me to take this man" (meaning the person in my custody) " to the watch-house." The defendant turned round and ran away. I kept the man in charge until I had sent for Constable Hodges, and with his assistance, the man was conveyed to the watch-house. The man's name is John Woodcock. The charge against him was being on Mr.Newby's premises for an unlawful purpose. He has since been tried and sentenced to two months' imprisonment. I was in the lawful execution of my duty when I called upon the defendant to aid and assist me, and he was the nearest person to me, except a man in charge of three horses.

Cross-examined-There were some other persons further from me than you were, but I could not say who. I did not mention your name when I called you.

Police Constable John Ephraim White proved that upon serving the defendant with the summons to appear to this information he admitted that Mr. Exton called upon him, but that his (defendant's) name was not mentioned.

The defendant urged that others were nearer to the informant than he on the night in question, and that he did not refuse to aid, because he was never asked by name to do so. He called, George and Charles Fleming, whose testimony was rather corroborative of the informant's case. Both witnesses established the allegation that the Superintendent did call for aid, and that on hearing which the defendant moved in an opposite direction.

The Warden expressed the opinion of the Bench that the information had been fully made out. Had the defendant pleaded guilty, a mere nominal penalty would have been imposed as the object of the prosecution was to vindicate the right of any constable to call for and when required to assist him in the performance of the duty of taking a prisoner to a secure place of confinement. The defendant must therefore pay a penalty of £1 and 11s. 6d. costs.

The money was paid.13

John and Agnes fourth child was Mina White, born on 4 December 1862 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania. Mina was registered as an un-named female at birth.14 In 1864 John's policing duties amounted to little more than monitoring the local dog populations:

John Delphin, a mulatto, appeared to answer a summons for keeping one dog, without having registered the same in the office of the Council Clerk, as provided by the " Dog Registration Act" and the Rural Municipalities Act." The defendant contested the truth of the charge.

John Ephraim White, police constable, proved that the defendant was the occupier of a house at Oatlands, and that on the 27th inst, witness had seen a black dog chained up in the defendant's back yard.

Cross-examined : The defendant did not tell witness that the dog did not belong to him. A person named Froud told witness the day after the summons was served that the dog belonged to him. The defendant, in his defence, repudiated the keepership or ownership of the dog, and stated that it belonged to one Froud.

The Warden dismissed the information under the circumstances, but told the defendant that in point of law, he was no doubt liable, as the keeper of the dog, he being the occupier of the premises.

John Barwick, saddler, was summoned for the non-registration of a dog.

Superintendent Exton stated that the defendant kept a white dog with black spots which was always with him, and was so on the 27th ult. Police Constable White corroborated the preceding testimony.

The defendant asserted the dog was registered in his grandmother's name.

Fined Is. and 2s. 6d. costs

Joseph Asbnry (?) appeared to answer an information for failing to register a dog. The defendant showed cause.

Police Constable White proved seeing a yellow dog chained up in a shed on the defendant's premises.

The defendant said the dog spoken of belonged to a shepherd. Robert Vernon was called, and deposed to the dog being his, and produced a receipt of its having been registered at Ross.

Tue Warden dismissed the information, stating that although the dog had been registered in another municipality, legally speaking, it ought to be registered in this, but His Worship would not enforce its re-registration.15

John and Agnes’ fifth child was another boy. John Ephraim White Jnr. Was born on 29 March 1865 in the Oatlands district.16

John White is registered as a Freeholder in the Electoral Roll of 11 April 1866.17

John and Agnes’ last child was another daughter. Agnes White was born on 17 July 1868 in the Oatlands district.18

In 1872 John Ephraim White was a signatory to an open letter to George Wilson Junior asking him to agree to nomination in the forthcoming election of the House of Assembly.19

In 1874 John purchased a further town allotment next to his earlier purchase as noted by the recorder of titles:


3A. OR. 24i-.
Lot tj. Section Q.

Fronting upon Marlborough-street adjoining Lots 7, 2, and 9, originally granted to William Cutts. JOHN EPHRAIM WHITE, (Application No. 1559), 21st November, 1874. Dated this 19th day of October, 1874, at the Lands' Titles Office, Hobart Town, Tasmania. -
Recorder of Titles.20

Five years later, Harriet Easton White was the first of John and Agnes’ children to marry. Harriet married Andrew Wightman Wilson on 24 August 1881 in the Oatlands district.21 Andrew was born about 1854, the son of William Thomas Braidwood Wilson and Janet Dewar Wightman.22 Harriet and Andrew would have seven children that have been traced.

In June 1884 the Launceston Examiner reported that a John White had resigned as keeper of the watchouse at Oatlands. This may represent John Ephraim White:

The following appointments are notified : --Henry. Hainsford, to be watchhouse keeper at Oatlands, vice John White, resigned;23

John and Agnes’ second eldest daughter married next, once again into the Wilson family. Mina White married James Wilson on 19 January 1887 in the Oatlands district.24 James was born about 1850 in Scotland, the son of William Thomas Braidwood Wilson and Janet Dewar Wightman.25

In the Mercury in November 1892 Agnes is mentioned as participating in the Oatlands Church Building fund raising:


The annual pleasant gathering was once again witnessed at the State School on Wednesday, 9th inst, when a tea meeting, sale of work, and concert was tendered toward the Church Building Fund. The weather suited the most fastidious, although the attendance during the day, compared to that of the previous year, was somewhat meagre, but towards evening the gathering increased, and eventually the auditory for the concert was large. Taking into consideration the general depression, the proceeds realised were satisfactory. Those who took a special part at the various tables, etc., were Mesdames W. J. Carter, of Whitefoord, Jas. Weeding, of Oatlands ; Misses H. Wilson, F. Weeding, Agnes C. Weeding, and Mrs. White, of Mount Seymour, and Mrs. A. M. Brewer, of Glenorchy.26

On 24 April 1895 Andrew Wightman Wilson died in Mount Seymour, leaving a large young family.27

Wilson.-On April 24,at "Hillside," Mount Seymour, Andrew Wightman, second son of Wm. Wilson, aged 40 years.28

In 1896 Rutherford White was mentioned in the Mount Seymour report in the Mercury as an active church member who was leaving the congregation for an alternative area:

Ecclesiastically speaking, the church here has lost an active member in the person of Mr. Rutherford White, who has recently taken up his abode at North Bridgewater. It may be said that Mr. White has held the position of church secretary for a considerable time, and at various enterprises in connection therewith be always gave willing and foremost assistance.29

Agnes White (nee Easton) died on 1 February 1897 in Mount Seymour. The cause of death was recorded as ‘disseminated sclerosis of the spinal cord’. Agnes was recorded as being born in Scotland and the event was registered by the son of the undertaker.30

WHITE.-On February 1,1897, at Lint Hill, Mount Seymour, Agnes Easton White, wife of J. E. White, aged 68 years.31

Agnes was buried on 4 February 1897 in Oatlands, Tasmania.32 Given the cause of death it can be safely assumed that Agnes would have had mobility issues and would have required assisted living. Lint hill was known to be the home of Agnes’ daughter Mina and her husband James Wilson so it seems likely that Agnes was living with them. An obituary appeared in the paper shortly after her death:


The district has lost two of its old and much respected residents in the persons of Mrs. J. E. White, Lint Hill, and Mr. Robt. Wilson, Crichton, within 9 days intervention. The former was the mother of a long resident and highly respected family here, and was honestly upright in all her dealings. The latter was a brother of the well-known farmers Wilson Bros., and of whom it must be said he has left foot prints on the sands of eminent Industry. His illness was long and painful, being that of internal cancer. Both were interred in the Presbyterian Cemetery at Oatlands, the cortege on both occasions being very representative.33

John Ephraim White Jnr, married Florence Jackson on 9 June 1897 in the Congregational Church in Brighton Junction, Tasmania. John gave his age as 26 when he was married, making his birth year About 1870/1871. This is not an uncommon error for the time. His abode was recorded as Bridgewater.34

White- Jackson.-On June 9, at Brighton Station, by the Rev. A. Munns, John E., son of J. E. White, Mount Seymour, to Florence, fourth daughter of the late William Jackson, Brighton Station.35

Florence was born on 20 February 1879 in the Brighton district, the daughter of William Jackson and Jacobina Elizabeth Pearce.36 John and Florence had two children that have been traced.

James Easton White married Eleanor Marion (Kennedy) Eckford on 31 October 1898 in Launceston.37 Eleanor's age for the event was probably transcribed incorrectly (26, meaning she was born in approximately 1872). In actual fact Eleanor was 36, and she was born on 4 January 1862 in the Tasman district to Dr. James Eckford and Elizabeth Montgomery.38 James Easton White gave his age as 38, making his birth year about 1859/1860. Again, not an uncommon error for the time.

In December 1898 John Ephraim White was nominated for election as a Councillor in Oatlands. This record may refer to either John Ephraim White Senior or Junior:


I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the following Municipal Electors have been this day NOMINATED to me as Candidates for Election as Councillors of the above Rural Municipality

4. NETTLEFOLD, GEORGE, of Rumney Huts, 'Farmer, nominated by John Sawford, of Rumney Huts ; Raymond Lester, of Woodbanks; C. R. Weeding, W. Luck, and John Ephraim White, all of Mount Seymour ; Thomas Wilson and W. J. Wilson, both of " Crichton" ; and Thomas Wilson, of " Overton."39

John and Agnes’s youngest daughter Agnes White married James Easton on 21 August 1899 in the Oatlands district.40 James was born on 12 July 1871 in Galashiels, Selkirk, Scotland, the son of James Easton and Isabella Kerr.41 He was Agnes’ cousin. Agnes and James would have five children that have been traced. They ultimately emigrated to New Zealand.

John and Agnes’ second oldest son Rutherford White married Myrtle Daisy Lowen on 5 June 1901 at Chalmer’s Mance in Hobart.42 Myrtle Daisy Lowen was born on 17 December 1882 in the Morven district, the daughter of Frederick Lowen and Mary Ann Reynolds.43 Rutherford and Myrtle would have ten children that have been traced.

John Ephraim White died on 17 June 1902 in Bridgewater. John was attended by Dr. Gibson and the cause of death was reported as Bronchitis and Cardiac Syncope. His stated year of birth was 1818 and it was recorded that he had been born in England. John was documented as a farmer, and the event was registered by his son John Ephraim White Jnr.44

In 1906 James Easton White was in court regarding a bill of sale with Henry French.45

In October 1914 Rutherford White was reported to have been charged with embezzlement in his position as Postmaster at Bridgewater Junction:


At the City Police Court yesterday, before the Police Magistrate (Mr. W. O. Wise),

Rutherford White, postmaster at Bridgewater Junction, was charged with having embezzled the sum of £17 10s. 5 ½d., the property of the Postmaster-General. He pleaded not guilty, and was defended by Mr. C. Davenport Hoggins, Detective-Sergeant Summers conducting the case for the police.

George Edward Morey, Inspector of Post Offices for Tasmania, said that he knew the accused, who had been employed as a. postmaster at Bridgewater Junction since July, 1913. His duties were to receive all moneys on account of the Postmaster-General, and to look after Commonwealth Savings Bank deposits and money-orders. The accounts of the accused at the Bridgewater post office were first examined by witness on December 23, 1913. They were then correct. The accounts were next examined on September 19, when there was found to be a deficiency of £17 10s. 5 ½d. Before witness cast up the accounts he could see that the cash and other values would not balance, and told the accused that he would want some more cash, or postal notes or stamps. He then said that he knew there would be a deficiency, and that in making up his accounts to September 19 he .had discovered a deficiency of £12 5s. 3d. .Witness asked him for an explanation of the matter, and he said he could not explain, other than that in paying old-age pensions he may have inadvertently paid away £5 notes in place of £1 notes. He further said that he had not made personal use of any of the moneys. Accused made a written statement (produced), in which he said he was prepared to make the amount good, if permitted, as soon as possible. The cash statement forwarded from the office on September 19 did not show any shortage. Witness believed that some of the deficiency had been refunded by the accused.

To Mr. Hoggins: The accused was appointed on May 5, 1913, at £88 I5s. per year, which salary was afterwards reduced to £80 per year from July 1. Witness was prepared to swear that on September 25 the £17 10s. 5 ½d. was the total deficiency on the balance of accounts. He could not swear to any particular amount or any particular day, or to any specific amount. The general work of the office had been conducted by the accused in a very satisfactory manner. There was no concealment on the part of the accused with regard to the deficiency, but he was quite open and candid about it. The only false entry was the one made concerning his cash in hand on September 19, in explanation of which the accused said that he thought he might have made some error in his cash statement, and he was waiting to find time to review his figures. Witness asked him, if there was a doubt in his mind as to the correctness of his balance on September 19, why he did not ring up the accountant and ask for a verification of his figures. He said he did not think of that.

Mr. Hoggins: The duties of the accused seem to have been multifarious, starting at 4.45 in the morning, and finishing at 11 o'clock at night. He was a very busy man.

Asked if he had anything to say in answer to the charge against him, the accused said that he was an honourable man without a stain upon his character. He desired to say that he had never appropriated any Government money for his own use, and would leave his defence in the hands of his counsel.

Mr. Hoggins contended that no prima facia case had been made out against the accused. He submitted that, according to law, a definite sum of money must be specified, and also a definite date. In this case there was no specific sum, but merely a general deficiency, and also the offence was alleged to have been committed during a period extending over six months, he also submitted that embezzlement must include "secrecy and concealment," of which there was no trace in this case.46

The Launceston Examiner also reported the case, and the judge’s ruling on the day:

At the Hobart Police Court yesterday, before the Police Magistrate (Mr. W. O. Wise), Rutherford White, postmaster at Bridgewater Junction, was charged with having embezzled the sum of £.17 10s 5½d, the property of the Postmaster-General. He pleaded not guilty, and was defended by Mr. C. D. Hoggins. After hearing the evidence of George Edward Morey, Inspector of Post Offices for Tasmania, the Police Magistrate reserved his decision.47

In December 1914 a final ruling was brought down in the case, exonerating Rutherford White of any wrong doing:

Rutherford White, postmaster at Bridgewater Junction, was indicted for the larceny of £117 10s 5 ½d, the money of the Commonwealth. He pleaded not guilty. Considerable evidence was taken, and the jury, after half an hour's deliberation, returned into court with a verdict of not guilty, and accused was discharged.48

Agnes Isobel White’s husband James Kerr Easton died in January 1925 in Gisborne, New Zealand.49 James was buried on 6 January 1925 in Taruheru, New Zealand.50 Agnes Isobel White died in May 1925 in Gisborne, New Zealand.51 Agnes was buried on 21 May 1925 in Taruheru, New Zealand.52

James Easton White died on 11 October 1928 in the Public Hospital in Hobart.53

WHITE.-On October 11, 1928, at Hobart, James Easton, dearly beloved husband of Eleanor Marion White, of Granton. At rest. Funeral notice will appear in a later issue.54

WHITE.-Funeral of the late Mr. James Easton White, of Granton, will move from the offices of Alex Clark and Son Ltd., 168-170 Collins Street, on Monday, at 10 a.m., arriving Cornelian Bay Cemetery at 10.30 o'clock.55

James was buried on 15 October 1928 in the Cornelian Bay Cemetery.56

Mina Wilson (nee White) died on 26 May 1929 in Mount Seymour.57

WILSON.-On May 28, 1929, at her residence, Post Office, Mount Seymour, Mina, widow of the late James Wilson, aged 66 years.

WILSON.-Funeral of the late Mrs. Mina Wilson, will move from her late residence, Post Office, Mount Seymour, this Day (Tuesday) at 2 o'clock, arriving at the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands at 3 o'clock p.m.58

Harriet Easton Wilson (nee White) died on 17 December 1936 in Brighton:

WILSON.-Passed, peacefully away on December 17. 1936, at her residence, Post Office, Brighton, Harriet Easton, relict of the late Andrew W. Wilson, of Mt. Seymour. A patient sufferer at rest.

WILSON. -Friends of the late Mrs. Harriett E. Wilson are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, which will move from her residence, Brighton Junction, on Saturday Afternoon (This Day) at 2.30, arriving at St. Mary's Church and Cemetery, Bridgewater, at 2.55.59

Rutherford White died on 9 April 1937 in Hobart:

WHITE.—On April 9, 1937, at Hobart, Rutherford, dearly loved and loving husband of Myrtle White, of 257 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, in the 79th year of his age. Late of Port Cygnet.60

Rutherford was buried on 10 April 1937 in the Cornelian Bay Cemetery.61 Rutherford White’s wife Myrtle White (nee Lowen) died just two months later on 16 June 1937 in Hobart:

WHITE.—On June 16, 1937, at her residence, 257 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Myrtle D., dearly loved and loving wife of the late Rutherford White, in the 55th year of her age (late of Cygnet).

WHITE.—Funeral of the late Mrs. Myrtle D. White will move from her late residence, 257 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, on Friday (Tomorrow) at 10 a.m., arriving at Cornelian Bay Cemetery at 10.20 a.m.62

James Easton White’s wife Eleanor died on 2 July 1946 in the Royal Hobart Hospital in Hobart:

WHITE.-On July 2, 1946. at Royal Hobart Hospital, Eleanor Kennedy, beloved wife of late James Easton White, of New Town, aged 85 years. At rest.

WHITE.-Funeral of the late Mrs Eleanor Kennedy White, late of New Town, will move from the Funeral Parlours of the undersigned on Wednesday (Thls Day) at 11 am. arriving Cornelian Bay Cemetery at 11.20 am.63

The fate of John Ephraim White Jnr and his wife Florence remains unknown.

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