David Easton and Jane Wilson

David Easton was born about 1844 or 1845, based on his stated age of 10 when he arrived with his family in February 1855 aboard the Wanderer. David was the fifth child of Thomas Easton and Mary Waldie. According to that passenger list David could also read and write, and so he received an early education, either formally at school or at home from his parents.1 David Easton married Jane Wilson on 22 October 1878 in Hobart, Tasmania.2

EASTON-WILSON.-On October 22, at St. John's Manse, by the Rev. James Scott, David Easton, to Jane, second daughter of Mr. T. Wilson.3

Jane was born about 1854 in Scotland, the daughter of Thomas Wilson and Catherine Hay. David and Jane would have five children, the first two recorded in the Oatlands district.

  • Thomas Arthur Vincent born on 28 Apr 1880 in Oatlands, Tasmania4
  • (Jessie) Ethel Mary Easton born on 12 Oct 1881 in Oatlands, Tasmania5

In June 1882 David Easton advertised a caution against trespassing on his property at Lake Tiberius:

CAUTION.-All persons are hereby CAUTIONED against TRESPASSING on any part of the Lake Tiberias Estate, including Wattle-hill, after this date. Poison laid. Dogs

Lake Tiberias,
June 14,1882.6

The births of David and Jane's next two children were registered in the Richmond district, before returning for the third to Oatlands.

  • George James Easton born on 4 Sep 1883 in Richmond, Tasmania7
  • Henric Wilson Easton born on 6 Jan 1886 in Richmond, Tasmania8
  • Catherine Ada Easton born on 11 Oct 1887 in Oatlands, Tasmania9

The first of David and Jane's children to marry was Jessie Easton when she married John McConnon on 9 January 1907 in Rhyndaston, Tasmania.10

McCONNON-EASTON. - On January 9, 1907, at the, residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. F. Woods, John W., oldest son of J. McConnon, formerly of Rhyndaston, now of Taihape, New Zealand, to Jessie E. M., eldest daughter of David Easton, Spring Vale, Rhyndaston.11

John McConnon was born on 4 May 1975 in Richmond, the son of John McConnon and Edith Lewis.12

In April 1908 David Easton was elected to sit on the municipal council:

April 21.

The air of uncertainty that threatened the result of the election of a councillor for the Tunnack ward in the Oatlands Municipal Council was dispelled by the announcement that Mr. David Easton, of Rhyndaston, had been elected unopposed.13

Thomas Easton married Ivy Sullivan on 14 December 1912 in Annandale, New South Wales.

EASTON—SULLIVAN.—December 14, 1912, at Hunter Baillie Church, Annandale, by the Rev. James Stewart Scott, Thomas Arthur Vincent, eldest son of David Easton, J.P., of Tasmania, to Ivy J., second daughter of James Sullivan, of Leichhardt, N.S.W. Tasmanian and New Zealand papers please copy.14

Catherine Ada Easton died on 14 July 1913, Rhyndaston, Tasmania.15

EASTON.-On July 14, at her parents' residence, Spring Vale, Rhyndaston, Catherine Ada, youngest dearly beloved daughter of David and Jane Easton, in the 25th year of her age, after a long and painful illness. At Rest. Funeral will move from above address at 11 a.m., Thursday, 17th inst., and arrive at Presbyterian Church, Oatlands, at 2.30, p.m.16

George James Easton enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 30 March 1916 at Claremont in Tasmania. George stated that he was born in the district of Richmond, was aged 32 years and 5 months, 5' 8 1/2" with a fair complexion, grey eyes and brown hair. He proceeded overseas in November 1916 and was wounded in action in France in June 1917. By November he was back in the action in France again until he was ultimately sent home sick with "French Fever" (Pyrexia) in September 1918. He returned home in the Nestor, leaving England in December 1918 and arriving home in March 1919.17

Within a month of returning George had to face the loss of his mother when Jane Easton, nee Wilson, the wife of David Easton, died on 2 April 1919 in Rhyndaston, Tasmania.18

EASTON.- On April 2, 1919, at her late residence, Spring Vale, Rhyndaston, Jane, the dearly loved and loving wife of David Easton, and second eldest daughter of the late Catherine and Thomas Wilson, Overton, Mount Seymour, after a long and lingering illness. A patient sufferer gone to rest. Funeral will move from above address at 11.30 a.m. This Day (Friday), arriving at Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, at 2 p.m.19

Before the year was over the family also lost Thomas Arthur Vincent Easton who died on 14 October 1919 in the Waterfall Sanitorium, Hurstville, Sydney, New South Wales.20 As it occurred at the sanatorium, presumably the cause of death of tuberculosis.

EASTON-October 14 1919 at Waterfall Sanatorium, Thomas Arthur, beloved husband of Ivy Easton (nee Sullivan) aged 39 years, late of Ultimo Tram Depot, Tasmanian papers please copy.21

The Tasmanian papers did publish a death notice but the date and name were incorrectly reported:

EASTON.-On October 15, 1919, at Waterfall, Sydney, Arthur Ernest, beloved husband of Ivy Easton, and eldest loved son of David and the late Jane Easton, and loving brother of Mrs. J. McConnon. Rhyndaston, in the 39th year of his age, leaving a wife and three little children to mourn their sad loss. "Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away."22

The following year George James Easton married Amy Bevan on 23 June 1920 in St. John's Church, Hobart, Tasmania.23

EASTON-BEVAN -On 23rd June, 1920, at St Johns Presbyterian Church Hobart, by the Rev. J. Heyer, M. A., George James, second son of David and the late Jane Easton, Springvale, Rhyndaston to Amy, only daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Bevan, Daisy Banks, Colebrook.24

Amy Bevan was born on 2 November 1894 in Richmond, the daughter of Thomas Bevan and Elizabeth Sidnell.25

David Easton survived his wife for four years. He died on 5 July 1923 in the public hospital in Hobart, Tasmania.26

EASTON-On July 5 1923, passed peacefully away at Hobart, David, beloved husband of the late Jane Easton, in the 79th year of his age. Funeral will move from the Presbyterian Church, Oatlands, at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.27

There were many tributes published about David in the following days, a representative example follows:

At a meeting of then Municipal Council at Oatlands Mr. O Connor, in feeling terms, referred to the death of the late Mr. David Easton, who for a number of years was a road trustee, councillor, and Justice of the Peace. During the whole period he had carried out these duties in a capable and conscientious manner, as well as proving himself an estimable citizen and neighbour. Mr. O Connor moved that a letter of condolence be written to the relatives and a minute recorded testifying to the esteem in which the late Mr. Easton had been held. The Warden and members having endorsed Mr. O Connor's motion, it was agreed to in silence, members standing.28

A Midlands correspondent writes: Death has recently removed a well known figure from the Midlands community-Mr. David Easton, of Spring Vale, Ryndaston, aged 78 years. He served the district faithfully and well, while a member of the old Tunnack Road Trust and a councillor of the Oatlands municipality. It was mainly owing to his untiring efforts in those capacities that the roads in the Rhyndaston, Lake Tiberias, and Stonor districts became public thoroughfares, worthy of being so called. The late Mr. Easton was made a justice of the peace on March 25, 1904. Belonging to the old school of practical farmers, the deceased was very successful in the mixed farming methods he adopted, and Spring Vale stands today as a fitting memorial of his indomitable perseverance and industry. He had a family of three sons and two daughters-Arthur (deceased), Henric, George, Ada, and Jessie (Mrs. J. McConnon, of Carrick). His wife died some years ago. A kind friend and good neighbour, generous and public-spirited in a high degree, and of strict integrity, the late Mr. Easton gathered around him a wide circle of friends, who deeply mourn their loss.29

The news of the death of Mr. David Easton, of Rhyndaston, was received with feelings of regret by those who had made his acquaintance when on his frequent visits there to his daughter, Mrs. J. McConnon and sympathy with her in her loss is felt by the residents.30

David had completed his last will and testament before he died as follows.

Duty £101. 12. '10 paid hereon 10/10/23
In the Supreme Court of Tasmania.

Gross value sworn under £2345

Be it known that David Easton late of Ryndaston in Tasmania, Farmer died on the fifth day of JULY 1923 at Hobart in Tasmania

And be it further known that at the date hereunder written the last Will and Testament of the said deceased was proved in the Supreme Court of Tasmania, and that administration of all the estate which by law devolve; to and vests in the personal representatives of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to Thomas Chilton Button of Hobart formerly of Oatlands in Tasmania Storekeeper the sole executor named in the said Will.

Dated this twelfth day of OCTOBER 1923
C. H. ELLISTON Agent, for CLYDE GIBSON Oatlands
W. 0. WISE

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of' me David Easton of Rhyndaston in Tasmania Farmer I appoint THOMAS CHILTON BUTTON of Oatlands in Tasmania Storekeeper (herein after called "my Trustee") to be Trustee and Executor of this my Will. I DEVISE all those two hundred and forty acres or thereabouts being part of my property known as "Springvale" together with the homestead and outbuildings situate on the right hand side of the Railway line going South to my son George James Easton absolutely. I DEVISE the balance of "Springvale" containing about One hundred acres on the left hand side of the Railway Line to my son Henric Wilson Easton absolutely. I DEVISE to the said Henric Wilson Easton all those two hundred acres adjoining the last mentioned property. I Devise to the said Henric Wilson Easton all those twenty six acres known as "Stocks adjoining the last mentioned property. I DEVISE the reminder of my real estate containing about three hundred acres known as "The Forest" to my daughter, Jessie Ethel Mary McConnon wife of John McConnon of Rhyndaston aforesaid Farmer. I BEQUEATH all my stock and farming implements to my Trustee UPON TRUST to divide the same equally between my said sons George James Easton and Henric Wilson Easton in equal shares AND I DECLARE that if the said George James Easton and Henric Wilson Easton cannot agree as to such division then I DIRECT, my Trustee to sell the said stock and farming implements and to divide the net proceeds arising therefrom equally between the said George James Easton and Henric Wilson Easton. I Devise and Bequeath all the residue of my real and personal property not otherwise disposed of by this my Will to My Trustee UPON TRUST to sell call in and convert into money my said residuary real and personal estate and out of the net proceeds arising from such sale calling in and conversion and the money forming part of my personal estate to pay my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and to divide the residue thereof equally between the said George James Easton and Henric Wilson Easton. I REVOKE all former Wills Codicils and testamentary instruments, made by me IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this second day of September one thousand nine hundred and nineteen


Signed by the said David Easton as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both being present at the same time who at his request in the sight and presence and in the sight and presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as attesting witnesses - CLYDE GIBSON. Solr. Oatlands. F. C. NORMAN Oatlands.31

John McConnon, the husband of Jessie Easton, died on 17 July 1939 in Launceston, Tasmania.

McCONNON-On July 17, 1939, at his residence, Craythorne-road, Rosevears. John William, dearly loved husband of Jessie McConnon and loving father of Jessie, Roy, and Maurice, aged 65 years. (Suddenly.) "Thy will be done".

McCONNON-The funeral of the late Mr. John William McConnon is appointed to leave his late residence, Craythorne-road, Rosevears, on Thursday afternoon, July 20, at 2 o'clock, arriving at the Carr Villa Cemetery about 3 o'clock for interment. Friends are invited to attend.32

Jessie Ethel McConnon, nee Easton, died on 13 March 1942 in Launceston, Tasmania.

McCONNON - On March 13, at the General Hospital, Launceston, Jessie Ethel, dearly loved wife of the late John William McConnon, and loving mother of Maurie, Roy (A.I.F. abroad) and Jessie; in her 59th year.

McCONNON - The funeral of the late Mrs. Jessie Ethel McConnon is appointed to leave the Funeral Parlours 116 St. John-street, Launceston on Sunday afternoon, March 15, at 2.30 o'clock for interment in the Carr Villa Cemetery. Friends are invited to attend.33

Janet Easton, nee Wilson, the wife of Henric Easton, died on 13 September 1945 in Hobart, Tasmania.

EASTON.-On September 13, 1945, at Royal Hobart Hospital, Janet, the dearly beloved wife of Henric Wilson Easton, of Rhyndaston, and beloved mother of Harold, Ada, and Athol (RAN, on service). Safe in the arms of Jesus.

EASTON.-Friends of the late Mrs Henric W. Easton are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, which will arrive at the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, on Friday Afternoon (This Day), at 2.30.34

Henric Wilson Easton died on 8 March 1950 in Rhyndaston, Tasmania.

EASTON.-On March 8, 1950, at his residence, Rhyndaston, Henric Wilson Easton, relict of Janet Easton, youngest son of the late David and Jane Easton, of Springvale, Rhyndaston, and loved father of Harold, Ada, and Athol, in his 64th year.

EASTON.-Friends of the late Mr. Henric Wilson Easton, of Rhyndaston are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, which will arrive at the Presbyterian cemetery, Oatlands, on Friday (Tomorrow), at 3 p.m.35

George James Easton died on 1 September 1956.36

Amy Easton, nee Bevan, the wife of George James Easton, died on 6 September 1968.37