So far, I have been unable to discover the origin of the name Dunalley, or when that district, formerly known as East Bay Neck, was first so called. In 1887 the settlers there, according to Middleton and Maning's "Tasmanian Directory and Gazetteer," were Messrs. Bassett Dickson, Robert and Charles Fazackerleys, George Hildyard, Robert and Charles W. Hyatt, William Henry Jones, William Ray, George Scrimger, and Messrs. Thomas and H. J. Spaulding, with Jane Scrimger as hotelkeeper at Dunalley Hotel, whose addresses were variously given as East Bay Neck and Dunalley.

Many of the above names are still preserved in the district. Messrs. Spaulding brothers keep a general store. Miss Eva E. Scrimger is the proprietress of the Dunalley Hotel, and Miss Edith E. Scrimger has had charge of the local post and telegraph office for about 37 years. Messrs. George Scrimger and W. H. Hyatt, with others, are worthy representatives of the original settlers too.

The public buildings include St. Martin's Anglican Church, a State school, and a substantial hall, all centrally situated. In addition to Messrs. Spalding brothers, Mr. George Long has a large general storekeeping busines, and Mrs. Jack Button a small store.

Dunalley is a typical fishing village, and the large fleet of boats engaged locally in the industry present a pretty sight when sailing into the bay. Spaulding, Rattenbury, Button, Hyatt, etc., are names long associated with boating and fishing there.

Fruit growing, principally of apples and pears, claims considerable attention, the chief growers being Messrs. J. Albert Wheatcroft, M. P. Daly, and Cecil C. Murphy. The district produces fruit of good quality.

Messrs. Barclay Gray (Fulham), Murdoch Dunbabin, George Long, and Murphy (Stroud), with others, are mainly engaged in the pastoral industry, chiefly in the depasturing of sheep for wool growing purposes. Grain-growing, too, receives a meed of attention, Mr. Walter H. Rattenbury being one of the principal growers in the district, which is situated about 36 miles from Hobart. 1

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