Hannah (Louisa) Arnott and Thomas Brown

Meanwhile, back in Van Diemen's Land and two years after her father's death, Thomas Arnott's eldest daughter Hannah married Thomas Brown, also a convict guard from the 96th Regiment, at St John's Church in Launceston in the June of 1849. 1 Thomas had been a carpenter and had enlisted as a Private in Bristol, his hometown, four years earlier. Within months he had disembarked on the Ramillies for duties in New South Wales and by the time of his marriage he had seen service at the Tasman Peninsular and had been seconded to the Mounted Police. He was in hospital when the 96th regiment was preparing to depart for India, and thus was left behind, transferring to the 11th regiment to continue military duties for another twelve months after his marriage to Hannah. When the 11th regiment was ordered away from Van Diemen's Land he took his discharge, with good conduct pay and recommenced the trade he'd been in prior to enlistment. Thomas Brown left Hannah a widow when she was only thirty-three, and she later remarried in her fifties, before dying in Launceston in 1902 aged 72. 2

Thomas and Hannah Brown had seven children -

Their eldest daughter, Priscilla Louisa was born 3 while father Thomas was still with the army. By the age of twenty-four she was living in New Zealand, and her two marriages produced eight children. She died at the age of 84.

Their second daughter, Sarah Ann, 4 did not reach adulthood dying at the age of fourteen. 5 The eldest son Thomas Frederick 6 became a wood-turner and moved to Melbourne where he married and had five children, and lived to his 80th year.

Their next son, John, 7 only survived for a few months, 8 but daughter Elizabeth 9 also attained the age of 84, having remained in Tasmania, married Henry Brooke 10 and mothering seven children.

Their second last son Manuel, 11 became a carpenter, and a Christian Israelite preacher. He moved to Melbourne for a while, but returned to Launceston, after losing his wife and one of their four children. His death followed his mother's by only a few weeks, when he died aged only 41. 12

Of their last son Charles Isaac, born posthumously seven months after his father's death, 13 nothing further is known at this point in time.