Henry Webb and Janet Anderson

Henry Webb convict #125 per ship Surrey (3) in 1819.

Indent - List of One Hundred and Fifty Seven Male Convicts forwarded on the Transport Ship Surry (3) (on which they arrived in Sydney Cove on Thursday The 4th March 1819 from England) for the Public Service in Van Diemen's Land, with their Sentences of Transportation duly Extracted from Indents and Descriptions as taken on Muster at arrival in New South Wales.
Secretary's Office Sydney 10th March 1819. 1
No. / Name / Tried - When - Where / Sentence - By their own report - By Indent / Age / Native Place / Trade or Calling / Height - feet - inches / Colour of - Eyes - Hair / Complexion / General Remarks

50 / Henry Webb 1825/275 / Surrey Assizes / 6 Aug 1818 / (blank) / Seven Years / 16 / London / Errand boy / 5 - 1-1/4 / Hazel / Black / fair ruddy & freckled / No Comp[lain]ts. Well behaved 2

Description List - No 125 - Henry Webb 3

No / Name / Height / Complexion / Hair / Eyes / Age / Trade / Where Tried / When Tried / Sentence / Ship from Europe / Ship to the Colony / Native Place / Marks /
No and Date of Free Certificate Free Pardon or Emancipation / Married or not on Arrival / Religion / Remarks

125 / Webb Henry / 5' 1/2" / Bro[wn] / Bro[wn] / 16 / Errand boy / Surry / 6 Augt 1818 / 7 / Surrey 1819 / Surrey 1819 / London / Woman. CW. left arm. Man HW. on right /
F. C. 278. 8 Augt 1825 / (blank) / (blank) / (blank)

Conduct Record - No 125 - Henry Webb 4

125. Webb Hy. 6 Aug 1818=7
22 March 1821 - Absent himself from the premises of his Master A. F. Kemp Esq. without leave & being repeatedly drunk - 25 lashes & returned to PW. (A. W. H. H.)
24 January 1823 - Emmett / Neglect of duty - 25 lashes & returned to PW & to be confined at night. (Rev R. K. )
4 December 1824 - Atkins / Being out of his masters employment. - PB 2nd Class. (A. M.)
10 December 1824 - PB / Suspected of Felony - Removed into 3rd Class PB. ( A. M. & J. S.)
18 July 1826 - F. S. / Ordered to find sureties to keep the peace for 6 Months. (Rev R. K.)
30 November 1826 - F. S. / To (?) (be) bound over to keep the peace & be of good behaviour for 3 Months for being present at an Affray aiding & assisting. (Rev R. K.)


Secretary's Office, Hobart Town, August 11, 1825
THE undermentioned Persons have obtained Certificates of Freedom during the last Week:-

Henry Webb.......... Surry (3)

JOHN MONTAGU Secretary. 5

Janet Anderson, daughter of William Anderson, maltman, and Elizabeth Hopewood, born on the 29 April and baptised on 2nd May 1802; 6 married Thomas Winfield, a soldier in the Fourth Royal Veteran's Battalion, on 1 May 1820 at Perthshire, Scotland. 7 At the time of her first marriage, Janet's father William was a labourer of Perth Middle Church Parish.

Trial papers relating to Janet Anderson, John Fogarty for the crime of theft at Roxburgh Close, High Street, Edinburgh. Tried at High Court, Edinburgh.
Janet Anderson, widow of Thomas Winfield, Soldier (dead for about a year), Verdict: Guilty, Sentence: Transportation - 14 years.
Age: 19, Address: Prisoner in Edinburgh. Note: No declaration in precognition.
John Fogarty, alias Fordey; Foordy, Verdict: Guilty, Sentence: Transportation - 14 years. Note: No declaration in precognition
John Fogarty, alias Fordey; Foordy, Age: 28, journeyman tailor, ten years in the army, Address: Prisoner in Edinburgh, Origin: Ireland 8

The following prisoners in the Calton Hill jail have been indicted to stand trial before the High Court of Justiciary, viz, - On the 8th current, John Togarty and Janet Anderson, for theft. 9

Monday, Janet Anderson and John Fogarty were placed at the bar, the former accused of theft, and the latter of reset of theft, to which charges the prisoners pleaded Not Guilty.

James Buchanan, flesher, being sworn, deponed that he had been drinking on the 6th February with a Mr. Sands, a distiller, after which he accompanied the female prisoner to the house of a Mrs. Thomson, in Roxburgh Close, Lawnmarket, where she robbed him, while he was asleep, of a gold watch, chain, and seals, a silver snuff-box, a pocket-book containing four L.20 bank-notes, and then made her escape. When he went to bed there was no other person in the room but the girl, and when he awoke he missed the articles. The pocket-book was in his side pocket, the watch he thinks he laid on a chair ; the snuff-box was in his pocket. it was not day-light when he awoke. He gave notice at the Police Office, where his pocket-book had already arrived ; but there was no money in it. The officers searched Thomson's house, but none of his property was found ; some time after, he saw in the Sherriff Clerk's Office, various articles of which he had been robbed, and which he now identified. He was not in any close in the Cowgate, nor in the Cowgate itself that night.
By Mr Napier for the prisoner Anderson. - His clothes were not off.

Ralph Ford had been clerk to the proceeding witness for ten years, and knew he had the articles libelled on, and the money in his possession that day.

James Sands was in Edinburgh on the 6th February, and was at the house of Robert Scott, in the Fleshmarket close, with Mr. Buchanan, from whom he parted about half-past none o'clock, and did not observe him to be the worse of liquor. Mr. B. changed witness a L20 Bank of Scotland note, and he saw that he had three others of that amount of the British Linen Company.

Mrs. Walker or Thomson was not in when Mr. Buchanan and the girl came to her house in Roxburgh close, but she saw them. Did not observe the girl go away, having lain down on the sofa in the bar, being fatigued. To the best of my recollection it was about 12 o'clock when Mr. Buchanan went to the Police Office, and it is certain no one but the servant girl was in the room during his absence.

Elizabeth Moodie, servant to the last witness, recollected Mr. Buchanan and the female prisoner coming to their house between nine and ten o'clock. In about an hour and a half the girl went away, and returned in ten minutes, and remained above an hour. It was 20 minutes of twelve o'clock when Mr. Buchanan made the alarm about being robbed. He was little affected by liquor when he came in ; but he got worse ; they had two bottles of porter and a gill of spirits.

Alexander Clarke, a watchman, found the pocket-book in Mr. Campbell's close (the brewer) in the Cowgate, and afterwards assisted to apprehend the prisoners in a stage-coach at Alnwick. The woman confessed everything, and said the money was in the man's possession, which he denied, and told her to be gone, as he had too much of her company.

John Luke, an Alnwick constable, apprehended the prisoners, and on searching the man found fifteen guinea and eleven one pound notes, five guineas in gold, and L.4 2s. in silver. The search took place in the work-house of the House of Correction ; the prisoner was about nine or ten inches from the wall, between which and the flooring there was a hole.

William Ackroyd and another workman were employed to make some repairs in the House of Correction, when, in raising the boards of the work-room, his companion discovered a gold watch, trhe same now shown to him, which he gave to Mary Cossens, the keepers daughter. Mary Cossens, her brother, and Mrs. Cossens (who is the keeper of the House of Correction at Alnwick), corroborated the last witness's statement.

John Haig, coal merchant, Leith, remembered the prisoners coming to his coal yard, early in February, to see one McGavin in his employment. He procured them change for three L.20 bank notes. The woman directed Fogarty to return four notes to witness for McGavin, to by him a suit of clothes, but not to give them till he was sober, for he was a drunken devil. Fogarty pressed witness to receive a silver sniff-box for his civility, which he declined, having doubts if its being properly come by ; they left it on the table and never returned ; when he heard what had happened, he sent it to the Police Office.

The declarations of the prisoners were read, which closed the case for the prosecution. Anderson's first declaration admitted the whole facts of the case.
The SOLICITOR-GENERAL addressed the Jury for the Crown, and Mr. Dunlop for the defence, and Lord Hermand having recapitulated the evidence, the Jury without leaving the box returned a verdict of Guilty against both prisoners, who were sentenced to fourteen years transportation. The female is only 19 years of age. 10

Ship News: - Arrived from England on Monday last, the transport-ship Lord Sidmouth, Capt. Ferrier, having on board 96 female convicts, with 23 children ; and 21 free women, with 47 children, who have been sent out at the expense of Government, to join their husbands in these Colonies. Surgeon Superintendant, Dr. Espie, R. N. -- Passengers, the Rev. Mr. Henry Williams. & family, of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, destined for New Zealand. 11

Janet (aka Jessie) Anderson, widow, convict #20 per ship Lord Sidmouth in 1823. 12

Indent - List of Prisoners by the Lord Sidmouth (3) Ferrier, Master, in 1823, who do not appear to have landed at Sydney.
Names / Where Convicted / When / Term
Janet Anderson / Edinburgh Court of Justiciary / 8 July 1822 / Fourteen yrs 13

Conduct Record - # 20 - Jesse Anderson 14

10 July 1823 - Leaving her master's service [persuaded to do so by Helen Stewart per 'Friendship'] - Confined in the factory - (A. W. H. H.)
2 October 1823 - Factory / Wetting the yarn spun by her with intent to defraud by increasing its Weight & thus make her work less - 7 days Bread & Water. (A. W. H. H.)
11 Feb 1824 - A. F. Kemp / Absent from her Masters service 4 days without leave - Factory. C. Class. (A. W. H. H.)

Henry Webb had also previously been assigned and also absconded as a convict to Anthony Fenn Kemp in 1821. Is this possibly how Henry and Janet met ?. Did Janet abscond in 1824 to meet up and spend time with Henry ?.


Janet Anderson married Henry Webb - 13 Feb 1826 at Hobart. Witnesses were W. Nicole (Nicholl ?) and W[illiam ?] Worthy. 15 Henry is noted as being "Free" and Jessie a "Convict".


WORKING BULLOCKS - The undersigned having twelve pair of excellent Working Bullocks, with two strong Carts, would be glad to convey Goods from Hobart Town to any part of the Island, at the most reasonable Charges. - He will also engage to Plough any quantity of Land, by the Day or Acre.
HENRY WEBB, Top of Liverpool-street. 16

316 Liverpool Street, Hobart (2016)(Google Street View)


The brig Tigress, Captain A. Rodger, will sail to-morrow morning, with her Sydney cargo and 10 tons of hay from this place. - Passengers, Mr. Thomas Haynes, Mr. William Wright, and Henry Webb. 17

April 11. - Arrived the brig Tigress, Captain Alexander Rodger, from Port Jackson, with 20 hogsheads porter, 177 bundles gunny bags, W. M. Orr ; 4 casks cheese, 10 boxes soap, 10 bundles wheat sacks, Crombie and Co. ; 4 boxes oranges, Captain Rodger; 1 bale bags, J. Grant ; 1 box preserves, J. Jennings 5 packages cloth-trimmings and cheese, R. Jones ; l8 packages sundries, W. T. Stocker ; 1 case cheese, J. Collins ; 6 hogsheads wine, Kemp & Co. ; 1 box stationery, 3 axle trees, J. C Underwood ; 1 ditto shells, Thomas Young ; 1 bale corn sacks, 25 barrels pitch and tar, N Dawes and Hewitt.- Passengers, Captain Wentworth and
Lady, Miss Bromley, 2 Misses D'Hotman, child, and 2 servants, Mr. Robert Jones, Mr. H.Webb, and A. Whiteside ; 31 detachment of the 63d Regiment, and 1 prisoner. 18


Possibly due to their planned travel to Sydney, Henry formally applied to marry Janet who was still under sentence, six years after they had actually done so, 19

Mrs Janet Webb formerly Janet Anderson left Hobart for Sydney with her husband on the Lady Wellington on 16 May 1832. 20

The Lady Wellington, Captain Cliffe, is now clearing for Sydney. - Passengers, Mr. Montefiere, Messrs., George Wilson, Samuel. Jackson, G. S. Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Webb, and Catharine Gorman.21

The Lady Wellington arrived in Sydney on 23 May 1832 -

From London via Hobart Town, last night, the brig Lady Wellington, with part of her original cargo. Passenger, J. B. Montefiore, Esq. 22

Henry listed as licencee of Edinburgh Castle in Pitt Street as at July 1832. 23

HENRY WEBB, late of Hobart-town, respectfully informs his Friends and the Public in general, that he has taken that commodious house known by the sign of the Edinburgh Castle Inn, Pitt-street, where settlers can be accommodated on their arrival with every convenience.
N.B. - All the Colonial Papers taken in.
Sept 25, 1832. 24

Seventeen public-house licenses were transferred at the Police Office, on Tuesday viz. ; Henry Webb, Edinburgh Castle, Pitt-street, to John Brown. 25


Shipping Intelligence. ARRIVAL.
From the Sperm Fishery, on Friday last, having left Sydney the 16th Sept. the barque Governor Bourke, Captain Powell, with 50 tons of oil. From London, 7th November, Cape of Good Hope, 27th January, and Hobart Town, 13th inst. on Saturday last, the ship Resource, 418 tons, Captain Coombes, with merchandise, Passengers, Major Gibbs, Collector of Customs, Mrs. Gibbs and family; Mrs. Osmond and three children ; Mr. William Marshall, Mr. Alkin Bryant, Mr. Jonathan Ramsay, Mr. Michael Cunningham, and Lydia Cunningham, Francis Fish, Mr. Ram. Cohen, Mr. Thomas Butterworth, Mr. Henry Webb, Mr. John Baird, Mr. Patrick Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Ann Kerr, and Mr. Samuel Bairn. 26

The Magistrates were very busy in receiving applications for licenses on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. The following new ones were granted:- H. W. Webb, Edinburgh Castle, Princes'-street.27

Caution to the Public.
THIS is to give notice, that the Title Deeds and Writings, connected with the property of Henry Webb, situated in Liverpool-street, Hobart Town, are now legally transferred to me, and now in my possession ; and as it is understood, that the said Henry Webb intends disposing of the same property, I think it my duty to forewarn any person whatsoever, who may feel disposed to purchase the same ; that in the event of their doing so, I shall without delay, institute proceedings against such person or persons, who may obtain unlawful possession of the same.
Janet Webb, Wife of the above H. Webb.
Sydney, 14th December, 1834.
N.B.— The aforesaid writings may be seen, on application at the office of Mr. Norton, Solicitor, Sydney.28

The reference to a solicitor would suggest that Henry and Janet may have separated and even possibly "divorced" and Janet was trying to get some of Henry's property as part of a settlement.


THE Advertisement which appeared in the True Colonist, purporting to hear the Signature of my Wife, Janet Webb, can in no way refer to me, as it is utterly false, and never was signed by the said Janet Webb. 1 have not the least idea of disposing of any of my property in Hobart Town, nor have I ever made over or disposed of the same to any person whatever, If any claim whatever can he made against me, either in Van Diemen's Land or New South Wales, Mr. Dunkley, my Agent, of Liverpool-street, will immediately discharge the same.
Witness my hand, this 7th of January, 1835,
Henry Webb.
Witness — Francis Low. 29

MATTER FURNISHED BY OUR Reporters and Correspondents.
A Court of Petty Sessions was held at the Police Office on Tuesday, for the usual quarterly transfer of public-house licenses. The following transfers were sanctioned by the Magistrates :- the Edinburgh Castle, Prince-street, from H.W. Webb to Samuel Thompson. 30

For Hobart Town, on Monday last, the schooner Tamar, Captain Grisdale, with sundries. Passengers, Mr. H. W. Webb, Mr. Williams, Mr. Abraham Moses, Mr. J.H.Tilley. 31

May 31. - Arrived the schooner Tamar, 117 Tons, Captain James Raven, from Sydney the 17th May, with sundries. - Passengers, H. Williams, Esq., J. H. Tilley. Esq., Mr. H. W. Webb, Mr. Moses. 32

The Adelaide sailed for the same place at the same time. Passengers, Mr. Petchey, Mr. and Mrs. Webb, Mr. Pennington, Mr. John Cutter, and Ann ditto. 33

From Hobart Town, yesterday, (having sailed front thence the 7th instant,) the schooner Adelaide, Captain McCleland, with sundries. Passengers, - Mr. John Petchey, Mr. and Mrs. Webb, Mr. Pennington, John and Ann Cutler. 34

The Magistrates sat in Petty Sessions on Tuesday last, for the purpose of effecting the quarterly transfer of Public-house licenses, when the following transfers were made :- the Cherry Tree, corner of King-street, and Castlereagh-street, from Andrew Higgins, to Henry Wilshire Webb. 35


For Hobart Town and Calcutta, same day, the barque Integrity, Captain Pearson, with sundries.
Passengers, Captain Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, and three children, Mr. Nihil, Mr. and Mrs. Webb, and Mr. Thirton. 36

June 29, 1836. — The periods for which the undermentioned persons were transported expiring at the date placed after their respective names, certificates of their freedom may be obtained then, or at any subsequent period, upon application at the Muster Master's Office, Hobart, or at that of a Police Magistrate in the interior:
Lord Sidmouth. - Janet Anderson, 8th ditto. (July) 37

September. 24. — The brig Stirlingshire, Scollay, master, for Port Philip, with government stores and the following passengers.
Mr. and Mrs. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy, Mr. and Mrs. Craig, Mr. Darke. Mr. Russell, Ensign King, and 30 rank and file of the 4th regiment, with a number of prisoners. 38

Janet Webb nee Anderson had previously received two NSW tickets of leave - #32/609 on 10 July 1832, 39 & #35/62 on 10 Feb 1835, 40 and she received her Certificate of Freedom #36/0605 on 18 July 1836. 41

No further trace of Janet can be found to date.

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