Isabella Byres and John Dunlop

Isabella, possibly a twin to Agnes, was believed to have been born circa 1780. No official record of her birth or baptism, believed to be at Bathgate, West Lothian, has been found to date.

Isabella, also known as "Bell", married John Dunlop snr circa 1805.

John and Isabella would go on to sucessfully have a large family of nine children -

  1. John DUNLOP jnr (1806-1883) married Janet MacKENZIE, a widow, (c.1814-?) in 1869
  2. Thomas DUNLOP (1807-1891) married Grace BOSWELL (c.1812-1878) in 1844
  3. William DUNLOP (1809-1810)
  4. Isabella DUNLOP (1811-1877) married John DARIEN (c.1807-1864) in 1835
  5. William DUNLOP (1813-?)
  6. Jane DUNLOP (1815-1866) married John MORRIS (?-?)
  7. Margaret DUNLOP (1818-1823)
  8. Peter DUNLOP (1821-1894) - never married
  9. Agnes DUNLOP (1824-1908) - never married

John Dunlop snr died at Philstoun Gate on 17th and buried at Abercorn on 21 November 1843, at the reported age of 78 years of age. 1

His wife, Isabella, died of and after having cancer in her side and breast, at Philpstoun on 9 April 1862. It is from her death registration, that both her (deceased) husband John, and her father Robert Byers snr, were stated to be "Grounds Officer(s) on Hopetoun Estate". 2

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