Isabella Byres, Joseph Scott and Peter Campbell

Isabella Byres was born on 1 January 1823 and baptised 12 January 1823 in Kirknewton, Edinburgh, Scotland, the second child and daughter of William Byers and Margaret Wilson.

Kirknewton 1st January 1823.

This day William Byers Labourer Karins and Margaret Wilson his spouse had a daughter born and baptised the 12th Jan by the Rev'd Alex. Lockhart Simpson, Minister of this Parish before the Congregation, named Isabell. 1

Isabella married Joseph Scott on 14 April 1844 in Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, Scotland.2 There is more about Joseph's origins later. Isabella and Joseph had the following children.

  • Mungo Scott was born on 26 February 1845 in Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, Scotland.3
  • Margaret Louisa Scott was born on 16 March 1846 in Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, , Scotland.4
  • William Scott was born about 1848 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.5
  • James Byers Scott was born on 17 July 1850 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.6
  • Joseph Scott was born about 1852 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.7

Joseph Scott has previously been reported as having died around 1853 in Scotland after falling from a horse although there is no confirmation of that information. According to those same reports he was buried in Bannockburn, Stirling, Scotland.8 A Joseph Scott died on 13 August 1852 in Curry, Ecclesmachan, aged 32 years, but the cause of death is not recorded.9 Gwenda Oxley believes this to be Isabella's husband and has been cited as the source for the following information about Joseph's origins:

Joseph, the twin son of Mungo Scott and Sarah Nicholson, was born in 1823 at Temple Sowerby, Cambria and baptised at Castle Sowerby, Cambria on 20 July 1823. His twin brother was named William (baptised the same day) and he also had an older brother, William born in 1818 and baptised 8 April 1818 in Castle Sowerby. This child obviously died prior to 1823 as one of the twins was also named William. 10

Isabella Scott, nee Byers, married for a second time to Peter Campbell on 2 September 1854 in Uphall, West Lothian, Scotland.11 Peter's date of birth varies widely when based on calculations from his stated age at various event/s. These will be discussed later. Gwenda Oxley, in her pamphlet "Peter Campbell and his Descendants", states that Peter was born on 15 December 1818 at Mid Calder, Midlothian, Scotland to Thomas Campbell and Barbara Robertson. Gwenda bases this information on the use of the surname Robertson as one of Peter and Isabella's children's middle name. 12

Isabella and Peter decided to emigrate to Van Diemen's Land along with a large number of Isabella's siblings and cousins. They arrived in Launceston aboard the Queen Victoria on 6 June 1855 with Isabella's children from her first marriage. Both Peter and Isabella were described as being aged 28, Mungo age 10, William age 6, James age 4, Joseph age 3, and Margaret age 9. Peter was recorded as a Farm Servant and Isabella as his wife. The family were sponsored by Henry Anstey at a cost of £99.13 During the journey they had their first natural child.

Shipping Record of the Queen Victoria

Shipping Record of the Queen Victoria
Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office

In all, Isabella and Peter had the following children.

  • Catherine Victoria Campbell was born on 2 April 1855 at sea.14
  • Thomas Campbell was born on 19 October 1856 in the Glamorgan district, Tasmania.15
  • George Campbell was born on 6 February 1859 in the Glamorgan district, Tasmania.16
  • Peter Campbell Jnr. was born on 15 September 1861 in Oatlands, Tasmania.17
  • Alexander Robert (or Robertson) Campbell was born on 1 June 1865 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.18

Gwenda Oxley reports that Peter was initially employed by James Amos at Cranbrook on the East Coast of Tasmania which is why the births of the first two native born children were registered in the Glamorgan district. Isabella was involved in an incident at the Amos family home in 1858.

In January, 1858, the Glen Gala homestead was completely burnt down, with the exception of the stable and the granary, the former was pulled down and re-built in 1877, and the latter is still standing and in use. It would appear that a Mrs. Campbell, who lived in a hut about 12 chains to the west of Glen Gala, was washing, probably about 10 a.m., when a spark from the open fire caught on the thatched roof, pieces of which, still alight, blew to the barn, and from there to the house. The first person to see the fire was James Amos, son of John (original) who had just started off on his way to Swansea with his little son James Collins. However, the lad was terrified and ran home. James worked hard, but could do very little in the face of the strong wind blowing. At the time of the fire the men folk were shearing at the woolshed. However, upon seeing the smoke they returned horne in hot haste, to render any assistance possible. It has been stated that the bark of a tree growing between the barn and the house caught fire, the burning bark blowing across, but for this tree the house may have been saved. 19

In 1860, Peter was granted 100 acres of land at Bluff, in the Parish of Bisdee. In 1866 Bluff was changed to Tunnack. Peter aptly named his acreage "Fern Tree Farm"... By 1868, Peter possessed two properties. One consisted of a house and 100 acres (his grant), plus another 102 acres and dwelling.20

By the late 1870s the Scott children had grown old enough to be starting families of their own. James Byers Scott (20) married Eliza Pegg (18) on 23 November 1869 in Jericho, Tasmania.21 Eliza was born on 23 June 1851 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania, the daughter of Henry Pegg and Eliza Capewell.22 The couple had no children however as just fourteen months later Eliza Scott, nee Pegg, died on 29 January 1871 in Jericho in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.23

The following year Mungo Scott (27) married Mary Salter (19) on 3 September 1872 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.24 Mary was born on 23 April 1853 in Tasmania, the daughter of George Salter and Martha Ford Higgins.25 Mungo and Mary had 12 children.

Margaret Louisa Scott (26) married Henry Arthur Fisher (32) on 31 December 1873 in the Oatlands district.26 Henry was born on 14 June 1841 in Hobart, Tasmania, the son of Joseph Fisher and Rosanna Stanfield.27 Margaret and Henry would have 4 children.

FISHER-SCOTT. -On the 31st December, by special license, by Rev. L. Campbell, at the residence of the bridegroom's father, Woodbine, Oatlands, Henry Arthur, eldest son of Mr. Joseph Fisher, to Margaret only daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Scott, Temple House, Brockburn, Edinburgh.28

James Byers Scott (24) married for a second time to Amelia Minnie Salter (19) on 24 September 1874 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.29 Amelia was born on 9 April 1855 in the Hamilton district, Tasmania, the daughter of George Salter and Martha Ford Higgins.30 James and Amelia had 13 children.

William Scott (24) married Sarah Bailey (23) on 24 May 1875 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.31 Sarah was born on 30 November 1850 in the Oatlands district, the daughter of John Bailey and Ann (Dorothy) Woodhead.32 William and Sarah had 8 children.

Scott-Bailey.-On the 24th May, at Oatlands, by the Rev Mr. Campbell, William Scott, of Tunnack, .to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. John Bailey.33

Isabella's parents William and Margaret Byers, died in October and November 1875 respectively.34

George Campbell (18) married Maria Palmer (18) on 8 October 1877 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.35 Maria was born on 7 October 1859 at Tin Pot Marsh, Woodsdale, in the Oatlands district, the daughter of John Palmer and Martha Sawford.36 George and Maria had 12 children.

Catherine Victoria Campbell (22) married William Hay (19) on 20 March 1878 in Oatlands, Tasmania.37 William was born on 30 November 1858 in the Oatlands district, the son of John Hay and Agnes Byers.38 Catherine and William had 9 children.

Thomas Campbell (22) married Margaret Wilson Byers Hay (18) on 28 March 1878 in Oatlands, Tasmania.39 Margaret was born on 21 January 1860 in the Oatlands district, the daughter of John Hay and Agnes Byers.40 Thomas and Margaret had 14 children.

Joseph Scott Jnr. (27) married Amelia Palmer (25) on 20 October 1881 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.41 Amelia was born about 1855 or 1856.42 Joseph and Amelia had 3 children.

Peter Campbell Jnr (21) married Julia Byrne (18) on 19 October 1882 in Hobart, Tasmania.43 Julia was born about 1864, the daughter of John Byrne.44 Peter and Julia had 12 children.

Mary Scott, nee Salter, the wife of Mungo Scott, died on 2 April 1892 in Tunnack in the Oatlands district, Tasmania. The cause of death was recorded as "Exhaustion after childbirth." Mary was described as the "wife of a farmer", age 38. The informant was Charles Kingston, police superintendent.45

Henry Arthur Fisher, the husband of Margaret Louisa Scott, died on 8 September 1893 in Tunnack in the Oatlands district, Tasmania. The cause of death was recorded as "cancer". Henry was described as a farmer, age 56 years. The informant was N. A. White, bootmaker, Oatlands.46

Maria Campbell, nee Palmer, died on 5 April 1895 in the Oatlands district. The cause of death was recorded as "Metritis, Puerperal Fever", a complication of childbirth. Maria was described as the "wife of a farmer", age 36 years. The informant was John Tremaine, the undertaker.47

Alexander Campbell (28) married Johanna Julia Davis (16) on 17 July 1895 in Campbell Town, Tasmania.48 Johanna was born on 4 December 1878 in the Oatlands district, the daughter of John Davis and Mary Byrne.49 Alexander and Johanna had 7 children.

George Campbell (37) married a second time to Alice Sawford Palmer (28) on 16 December 1896 in the Oatlands district.50 Alice was born on 27 August 1863 in the Oatlands district, the daughter of John Palmer and Martha Sawford.51 George and Alice had 5 children.

Peter Campbell died on 20 March 1900 in Tunnack, Tasmania.52

Mungo Scott married for a second time to Mary Ann Clayton on 3 December 1902 at 12 St. George's Terrace, Hobart.53

Mary Scott, nee Clayton, died on 19 November 1904 in Tunnack, Tasmania.54

Isabella Campbell, formerly Scott and nee Byers, died on 10 January 1905 in Tunnack, Tasmania.55 Isabella was buried on 13 January 1905 in Tunnack, Tasmania.

CAMPBELL.—Entered into rest on January 10, at Fern Tree Farm, Tunnack, Isabella Campbell, aged 83 years. Funeral will leave her late residence, for Tunnack cemetery, on Friday, January 13, at 3 o'clock.56

Mungo Scott married for a third time to Sarah Jane Clayton on 16 March 1906 in Hobart, Tasmania.57

SCOTT-CLAYTON.- On March 16, 1908, by the Rev. Isaac H. Palfreyman, Mungo Scott, son of Joseph and Isabella Scott, of Tunnack, late of Scotland, to Sarah Jane Clayton, daughter of Joseph Selina Clayton, of Hobart, late of Dover, by license, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Arthur and Andrew streets.58

William Scott died on 10 August 1908 in Tunnack, Tasmania.59 William was buried on 13 August 1908 in Oatlands, Tasmania

SCOTT.—On August 10, at Pleasant Place, Tunnack, William Scott, aged 60 years. Funeral will leave his late residence at 9.30 on Thursday, for Oatlands Presbyterian Cemetery.60

Mungo Scott died on 3 August 1912 in the Oatlands district, Tasmania.61 Mungo was buried on 5 August 1912.

SCOTT.—Mungo Scott passed peacefully away, after a long illness, at his late residence, Gettington, Tunnack, aged 67. Funeral This Day, at 2 o'clock. 62

An obituary was published in the Mercury in the week after the funeral.


Our Tunnack correspondent writes: "The sad news of the death of that well known farmer, Mr. Mungo Scott, which took place at his residence, was spread through the district on Saturday afternoon The deceased was only in his 67th year. When about ten years of age he left Scotland for Tasmania His residence here runs back for 50 years, and his life during that period clearly depicts the man. He began life on a small selection of 53 acres in the virgin forest, where now stands the home in which he died. At the time of his death he owned nearly 2,000 acres, all well stocked, and a general store. He had prospered on the land. His daughters are all married. The sons, three young men and one only five years of age, together with Mrs. Scott, will carry on the estate. The large concourse of people who followed his remains to the grave on Monday fully testified to the esteem in which he was held."63

Catherine Victoria Hay, nee Campbell, died on 20 August 1917 in New Plymouth, New Zealand.64

HAY. —At Barrett street, New Plymouth, on August 20, 1917, Catherine Victoria, beloved wife of William Hay, aged 61 years. "At Rest."65

Julia Campbell, nee Byrne, the wife of Peter Campbell Jnr., died on 18 April 1921 in Tunnack, Tasmania.66 Julia was buried on 20 April 1921 in Tunnack, Tasmania.

CAMPBELL-On April 18, 1921, at Hazeldell, Tunnack (suddenly), Julia Cecelia, the dearly loved wile of Peter Campbell, aged 57 years, leaving three sons and seven daughters to mourn their sad loss. Beloved by all who knew her. R.I.P. Funeral at Tunnack R.C. Cemetery This (Wednesday) Afternoon.67

William Hay, the husband of Catherine Victoria Campbell, died on 11 May 1924 in New Plymouth, New Zealand.68

Joseph Scott Jnr. died on 9 May 1926 in Whitefoord, Tasmania.69 Joseph was buried on 12 May 1926 in Tunnack, Tasmania.

SCOTT.-On. May 10, 1926 at his residence (suddenly), Joseph, the dearly beloved husband of Amelia Scott and father of Mrs. C. A Wiggins, Woodsdale, in his 75th year. The funeral will move from his late residence on Wednesday, May 12, at 2 o'clock, arriving at Tunnack Cemetery at 3.30 p.m., when
friends are respectfully invited to attend.70

Margaret Louisa Fisher, nee Scott, died on 28 April 1929 in Tunnack, Tasmania.71 Margaret was buried on 1 May 1929.

FISHER. - On April 28, 1929, at her residence, Tunnack, Margaret, the beloved widow of the late Henry Fisher, of Tunnack, aged 83 years.

FISHER. - Funeral of the late Mrs. Margaret Fisher will move from her residence, Tunnack, on Wednesday, May 1, at 2.15 p.m., for cemetery, arriving there at 2.30 p.m. Friends respectfully invited to attend.72

Sarah Scott, nee Bailey, the wife of William Bailey, died on 3 October 1932 in Tunnack, Tasmania. Sarah was buried on 5 October 1932 in Oatlands, Tasmania.

SCOTT.-On October 3, 1932, at Pleasant Place, Tunnack, Sarah, relict of the late William Scott, in her 83rd year.

SCOTT.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. Sarah Scott will move from her late residence, Pleasant Place, Tunnack, at 1 o'clock, arriving at Oatlands Presbyterian Cemetery at 2 o'clock on Wednesday, October 5.73

Amelia Scott, nee Salter, the wife of James Byers Scott, died on 20 September 1934 in Whitefoord, Tasmania. Amelia was buried on 22 September 1934 in Oatlands, Tasmania.

SCOTT.-On September 20, 1934, at her residence, Kentdale, Whitefoord, Amelia (Minnie), beloved wife of James B. Scott, and loving mother of J. W., J. G., J. E., W. A.; R. L.; S. R., and R. C. Scott, Mrs. G. Hyland and Mrs. W. Porthouse (New Town), and Mrs. G. Wiggins (Woodsdale). Funeral will leave Kentdale at 1 p.m. on Saturday (to-morrow) for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands.74

In a sad irony, on the day of Amelia's passing the following celebration of James and Amelia's golden wedding anniversary was published in the Mercury:

(By Our Travelling Correspondent.)

Mr. and Mrs. James Byers Scott, of Kentdale, Woodsdale, will on Monday celebrate the 60th anniversary of their marriage, which took place on September 24, 1874. Mr. Scott was born in Scotland on July 17, 1850, and came to Tasmania when four years of age. He was nine years old when he went to Tunnack with his parents to reside, and in 1878 he began farming at Woodsdale. Mrs. Scott, whose Christian name is Amelia, was the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Salter, formerly of Tunnack, and was born on July 9, 1855....75

Alexander Robert Campbell died on 10 March 1935 in Glenorchy, Tasmania. Alexander was buried on 12 March 1935 in the Cornelian Bay Cemetery.76

CAMPBELL.- Suddenly, on March 10, 1935, at Glenorchy, Alexander Robert, the dearly beloved husband of Hannah Julia Campbell, of Albert Street, Glenorchy, in the 70th year of his age.

CAMPBELL. - Funeral of the late Mr. Alexander R. Campbell will arrive at Cornelian Bay Cemetery on Tuesday Afternoon (This Day), at 2.15.77

The circumstances of Alexander's death were unusual and an inquest was held with the following finding recorded.


When he went along the Jetty in Prince of Wales Bay preparatory to going for a swim about 9 a.m. on March 10, Neil John Williams (11) made a grim discovery. Noticing something floating In the water, he swam out to investigate, and found the body of Alexander Robert Campbell (70), who had disappeared from his home earlier In the day. The boy summoned assistance, and the body was dragged to the shore. The boy gave evidence to this effect at the inquest yesterday into the circumstances of Campbell's death. The Coroner (Mr. Wilfred Hutchins) held the inquiry, and Inspector M. T. Dowling represented the police.

Deceased had been in bad health, and the night prior to his death had suffered from heart attacks. He went out for a walk early the following morning, and his daughter, who had Intended to accompany him, did not see him again. Campbell's daughter, who had been staying with him at his residence, Albert Road, Moonah, stated that she could think of no reason why her father might take his own life.

Cyril Pearson, caretaker at Prince of Wales Bay, who assisted to remove the body from the water, said that he considered that it would be easy for anyone to fall off the jetty into the water. The opinion was expressed by Constable W. Gough that a man would have to be very careless to fall off the jetty, although it was possible, as there were no rails along the side of it.

Dr. W. Inglis Clark, who made a post-mortem examination of the body, considered death had been due to drowning. He upheld the statement by the daughter that deceased was subject to heart trouble.

The Coroner, returning a finding of accidental death, said that there was insufficient evidence for him to say whether deceased had got into the water intentionally or by accident, but, taking into consideration that he (deceased) had been in bad health, It was possible that he might have met with an accident. 78

Thomas Campbell died on 2 April 1935 in Devonport, Tasmania. Thomas was buried on 4 April 1935 in the Don General Cemetery.

CAMPBELL.- On April 2, at East Devonport, Thomas, beloved husband of Margaret Wilson Campbell, in his 78th year.

CAMPBELL. - The funeral of the late Thomas Campbell is appointed to leave his late residence, East Devonport, on THURSDAY, at 2.30 p.m. for interment in the general cemetery, Don. Will friends please accept this intimation?79

James Byers Scott was the subject of a newspaper report in July 1935 when he celebrated his 80th birthday.


Our travelling correspondent writes: Mr. James B. Scott, of Kentdale, Woodsdale, celebrated his 80th birthday last week, having been born in Scotland on July 17, 1850. When four years of age he came to Tasmania, and five years later went to reside at Tunnack with his parents, and in 1878 at Woodsdale.

On September 24, 1874. he married the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Salter, formerly of Tunnack, Miss Amelia Salter, who was born on July 9, 1855. Fifty-two years ago, in 1878, Mr. and Mrs. Scott, took up their residence on Kentdale farm, at the northern extremity of what is now known as the Woodsdale district, then unnamed. Mr. Scott's selection was virgin forest, in the subjugation, of which he joined that heroic band of hardy,. peerless., pioneers to whom Tasmania owes so much.

In April of 1875 the late Mr. John Brooks was the first to settle In Woodsdale, followed by the late. Mr. John Rowlands in June, and the late Mr. August Gerlach on August 23, of the same year. Others to join in this great pioneering work were the late Messrs. Phillip C. Wagner, J.P., Daniel Kenna, William J. Johnson, George Page, Jas, Smith. George Byers, John and George Palmer, John Hayers, William Crawford, George Roberts, Thomas A. Wiggins, Joseph Scott and Richard and Ellas Howard, and Messrs. Richard, Peter, William and Samuel Palmer, Frank. Kline; John and William Powell, and Arthur Wagner. To-day the district stands as a fitting testimonial to the indomitable perseverance and Industrious spirit of these early settlers, aided by the present generation. In transforming it into one of the best mixed farming areas In the Midlands of Tasmania.

Woodsdale was so called after the late Mr. N. A. Woods, Inspector of Roads, who laid out the road to the district. In 1881 the late Messrs. Philip C. Wagner and John Helmer. the latter of whom was Chief Inspector at Roads at the time and died on January 10, 1912, were responsible for thus naming it. The State school was established there on August 4, 1884; the local post-office at Mr. J. B. Scott's residence in the.early 80's, until the late Mr. George Page took charge in a more central position on February 1, 1887, with a yearly allowance of £.5, and Mr. Chas. A. Wiggins thus fulfilled the duties of the office, to which have been attached telephone and money order and savings bank branches since January 15, 1907. The public hall was opened on November 23, 1905, and St. Matthias's Anglican Church was dedicated on March 12, 1911. As a further illustration of Woodsdale's 55, years of progress. I may add that there are now some 40 resident holdings, with a population of some 200 souls.

When Mr. Scott first settled in Woodsdale it was then a wilderness, a veritable labyrinth of dense scrub and heavy timber. Roads, there were none-the beaten tracks of wild animals alone trailed the unbroken forest. To-day, Mrs. Scott's well-improved mixed farm on which he specialises in potato-growing, is a striking tribute to the industry of himself and family.

At the golden wedding celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Scott, six years ago over 100 friends and relatives assembled, and handsome presentations were made to them, as suitable tokens of the respect and esteem in which they are held. Of their large family of 12, eleven survive - James, Sydney, Kenneth, William and Raymond (Woodsdale). Joseph W. (Hobart), Jack (Moonah). Elizabeth (Mrs. George H. Rowlands, Levendale), May (Mrs. Wm. Porthouse. New Town). Esther (Mrs. George A. Hyland, New Town), and Kate (Mrs. George Wiggins, Woodsdale).80

James Byers Scott died on 5 October 1937 in Whitefoord, Tasmania. James was buried on 7 October 1937 in Oatlands, Tasmania.

SCOTT.—On October 5, 1937, at his residence, Whitefoord, James Byers Scott, husband of the late Ameline Scott, aged 87 years.

SCOTT.—The funeral of the late Mr. James Byers Scott will move from his residence, Whitefoord, at 1.45 p.m. Thursday (This Day), arriving at the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, at p.m.81

Margaret Wilson Byers Campbell, nee Hay, the wife of Thomas Campbell, died on 6 November 1937 in Devonport, Tasmania. Margaret was buried on 8 November 1937 in Devonport, Tasmania.

CAMPBELL-On November 6, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. H. Quilliam, Montagu, Margaret Wilson, relict of the late Thomas Campbell; aged 77 years.

CAMPBELL.-The funeral of the late Mrs. M. Campbell is appointed to leave the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. J. Taylor, Archer street, Devonport, at 2.30 p.m. THIS DAY (Monday), for interment in the new public cemetery, Devonport.82

George Campbell died on 20 July 1939 in Launceston, Tasmania. George was buried on 22 July 1939 in the Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston.83

CAMPBELL-On July 20, 1939, at the Public Hospital, Launceston, George, dearly loved husband of Alice Campbell, of 29 Landale-street, Invermay, aged 80 years. Passed peacefully away.

CAMPBELL-The funeral of the late Mr.. George Campbell is appointed to leave the Funeral Home, 16 Brisbane-street, this day (Saturday), at 3.30 o'clock, for interment in the Carr Villa Cemetery. Friends are invited to attend.84

Peter Campbell Jnr. died on 12 May 1947 in Koonya, Tasmania. Peter was buried on 15 May 1947 in Koonya, Tasmania.

CAMPBELL.-On May 12, 1947, at his residence. Koonya, Peter, beloved husband of Florence May Campbell, and loving father of Jack. Peter, Jim, Bella, Ethel. Ella, Connie, Evelyn, Rose, and Cecelia (deceased), aged 84 years. Late of Tunnack. At rest.

CAMPBELL.-Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of the late Mr Peter Campbell, which will move from his late residence, Koonya, Thursday (Tomorrow), at 2.30 pm for Koonya Cemetery.85

The following obituary was published shortly after.

Mr P. Campbell

Mr Peter Campbell, of Malua, Koonya, whose death occurred last week, was a son of the late Peter and Isabelle Campbell, who migrated from Scotland to Tunnack (T) about 1850.

He was born on Sept. 18, 1863, and lived at Hazel Dell, Tunnack, until 1928, when he moved to Ben freisz, Dunalley, and some years later to Koonya. He retired in 1944.

Mr Campbell was a successful mixed farmer all his life, specialising in potato growing. He was interested in hack racing, and owned several trotters.

He is survived by his second wife, formerly Miss Florence M. Burden, and nine children. There are 40 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren, and a great-great-grandchild.

Interment took place at the Koonya cemetery.86

Alice Sawford Campbell, nee Palmer, the second wife of George Campbell, died on 23 December 1961 in Launceston, Tasmania.87

The death of Johanna Campbell, nee Davis, the wife of Alexander Robert Campbell, has not been traced.

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