Jane (Jean) Crawford Byres and William Sunderland

Jane Byres, a twin to Meny Byres were born on 19 September and baptised on 18 October 1840 in Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, Scotland. 1 Jane would later be known as Jane Crawford Byers; Jane would also occasionally be styled as Jean, a common Scottish custom, and the use of the name Jane Crawford was probably a reference to her mother, Margaret Wilson's sister in-law of the same name.

Jane Crawford Byres, married William Sunderland snr on 12 December 1862 in the Presbyterian Church at Kyneton, Victoria. 2 William was born in 1832 in Gedney, Lincolnshire, England, the son of Charles Sunderland and Mary Taylor. 3

Jane and William would go on to have eleven children.

  1. Charles Taylor SUNDERLAND (c1864-1928) married Emily MOCK (c1877-c1968) in 1902
  2. Margaret Braidwood SUNDERLAND (c1865-1926) married Edward KENNEDY (c1884-c1936) in 1921
  3. William SUNDERLAND jnr (c1868-c1950) married Helen Miriam BRACE (c1872-1958) in 1901
  4. Edward Sutcliffe SUNDERLAND (c1870-1950) married, firstly, Anna Marie Ross BRAND (c1874-1904) in 1898; married, secondly, Vera Maria Iredale PUDNEY (c1896-1938) in 1927
  5. Mary SUNDERLAND (c1872-1930) married James COOK jnr (c1872-1955) in 1902
  6. Edith Minnie SUNDERLAND (1874-c1960) married Harry EVANS (1870-?) in 1909
  7. Frederick SUNDERLAND (1877-1877)
  8. Francis Arthur SUNDERLAND (c1879-1958) married Emily Eliza FLOWERS (c1895-1990) in 1918
  9. Lewis Gordon SUNDERLAND (c1880-c1880)
  10. Leslie Ryle SUNDERLAND (c1883-1928)
  11. Helena Beatrice SUNDERLAND (c1886-c1969) married James William BEGBIE (c1882-1914) in 1813

William Sunderland, the husband of Jane Byres, died on 2 November 1919 in Ringwood, Victoria.4

Jane Crawford Sunderland (nee Byres) died on 30 October 1927 at 45 Ringwood Street, Ringwood, Victoria. 5

SUNDERLAND - On the 30th October, at her residence, Ringwood street, Ringwood, Jeanie, relict of the late William Sunderland, aged 87 years. 6

Jane was buried in the Church of England Cemetery at Box Hill, Victoria. 7

SUNDERLAND. - The Friends of the late JANE CRAWFORD SUNDERLAND are respectfully informed that her remains win be interred in the Box Hill Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to leave her late residence, Ringwood street, Ringwood, THIS DAY (Monday), at 1.30 pm. 8

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