Jane Oliver and James Weeding

Jane Oliver was born on 1 July 1831 in the Oatlands district in Tasmania, the fourth child and third daughter of Isobel Easton and Peter Oliver. Jane was baptised on 3 August 1831 in Green Ponds, Tasmania. Peter Oliver was recorded as a shepherd on the Wallis property at Oatlands.1

Baptism Registration for Jane Oliver

Baptism Registration for Jane Oliver
Archives Office of Tasmania

Jane Oliver (20) married James Weeding (24), a farmer, on 11 September 1851 in the home of Peter Oliver in Oatlands, Tasmania. Nicholas Augustus Woods and James Oliver were witnesses to the ceremony which was conducted by Jabez Waterhouse.2

By special licence, on the 11th instant, at Lillie's Leaf, near Oatlands, by the Rev. Jabez. B. Waterhouse, MR JAMES WEEDING, of Oatlands, to JANE, the third daughter of Mr. Peter Oliver, of Lillie's Leaf, near Oatlands.3

James was born about 1826 or 1827, probably in Oatlands, Tasmania, the son of James Weeding and Frances Lawrence.4 James' parents had arrived in the colony of Van Diemen's Land just three years ealier in September 1823 on the ship Mariner and were some of the earliest settlers in the Oatlands district. More information is available about The Weeding Family in The Easton Family forum.

Jane and James' first child had been born out of wedlock. James Weeding Jnr. was born on 8 July 1849, probably in the Oatlands district.5 His birth was not registered but he was later baptised. Jane and James' second child was registered, Nancy Weeding was born on 29 March 1852 in Oatlands, Tasmania.6

Their third chld, Thomas Weeding, was born on 5 January 1854 in Oatlands, Tasmania.7 The month after Thomas' birth on 13 February 1854 the first three children were baptised together in Oatlands. James Weeding was described as a farmer at Oatlands.8

Their fourth child, Oliver Weeding, was born on 25 January 1856 in Oatlands, Tasmania.9 The use of the name Oliver is obviously a reference to the Jane Oliver's maiden name. Another daughter followed when Jane Weeding was born on 23 October 1857 in Oatlands, Tasmania.10 Jane was baptised on 2 December 1857 in Oatlands.11

Jane and James would go on to have thirteen children in all, although the baptism records for the remaining children have not survived. They are as follows:

  • Isabella Frances Weeding (as an un-named female) was born on 9 April 1859 in Oatlands, Tasmania.12
  • Francis Weeding was born on 7 May 1861 in Oatlands, Tasmania.13
  • Andrew Weeding was born on 5 May 1863 in Oatlands, Tasmania.14
  • George Weeding was born on 2 July 1865 in Oatlands, Tasmania.15
  • Allan Weeding was born (as an un-named male) on 3 September 1867 in Oatlands, Tasmania.16
  • Mary Weeding was born on 9 September 1870 in Oatlands, Tasmania.17
  • John Weeding was born on 8 July 1872, Oatlands, Tasmania.18
  • Susan Harriet Weeding was born on 5 April 1876, Oatlands, Tasmania.19

Just a year after the birth of their last child, Jane and James oldest daughter, Nancy Weeding (24) married Henry John Pryde (22) on 1 March 1877 in Oatlands, Tasmania.20 Henry Pryde has been reported as being born in 1855, the son of Margaret Pryde and an unknown father, the source for that assertion is unknown.21 Nancy and Henry had three children that have been traced.

Jane and James' oldest son, James Weeding Jnr. married Elizabeth Bernard (also known as Elizabeth Henry) on 12 November 1879 in Hobart, Tasmania (both parties were listed as adults).22 They had five children that have been traced.

The next chlld of Jane and James to marry was Andrew Weeding (23) when he married Martha Emma Renyard (24) on 21 December 1886 in Hobart, Tasmania.23 They had three children that have been traced. Andrew was a teacher and lived in the Margate district during the 1880s. Unfortunately he died prematurely on 12 October 1894 in Oatlands, Tasmania.24

WEEDING.-On October 12, at " Weedington,'" Oatlands, Andrew, fifth son of James Weeding. The funeral will leave " Weedington" at 3 p m. on SUNDAY, 14th inst.25

Jane Weeding, nee Oliver, died on 10 September 1899 in Oatlands, Tasmania.26

WEEDING.—On Sunday, September 10, at Oatlands, Jane, the beloved wife of James Weeding, of "Weedington," in her 68th year. The funeral will leave her late residence at half-past 2 on TUESDAY, the 12th, when friends are respectfully invited to attend.27

Thomas Weeding married Eliza Heritage on 19 February 1902 in Woodsdale, Tasmania.28 Eliza was born about 1863, the daughter of Ephraim and Susan Heritage who arrived in Tasmania from Buckinghamshire about 1890.29 Thomas and Eliza would have two children that have been traced.

John Weeding married Sarah Murdoch on 28 May 1913 in Cragow, Cambridge, Tasmania.30

WEEDING—MURDOCH.—On May 28, 1913, at Craigow, by the Rev. H. T. Postle, John, youngest son of James Weeding, Weedington, Oatlands, to Sarah, eldest daughter of James Murdoch, Craigow, Cambridge.31

Sarah Murdoch was born on 29 November 1881 in Hobart, the daughter of James Murdoch and Clara Maria Fisher.32 The marriage was tragically brief however as Sarah Weeding, nee Murdoch, died on 2 May 1914 in Oatlands, Tasmania.33

Francis Weeding died on 17 July 1914 in Kensington, Melbourne, Victoria.34

WEEDING.—On July 17, 1914, at Kensington, Melbourne, Francis, 4th beloved son of James Weeding, Weedington, Oatlands.35

Henry John Pryde, husband of Nancy Weeding, died on 24 March 1916 in Hurstville, New South Wales. At that time his parents were stated as Henry and Margaret Pryde.36

PRYDE.-March 24, 1916, at his late residence, Lindisfarne, Carrington-avenue. Hurstville. Henry John, dearly loved husband of Nancy Pryde, aged 61 years (suddenly). At rest.37

Henry's daughter sought probate of his estate:


Probate Jurisdiction - In the Estate of HENRY JOHN PRYDE late of Hurstville near Sydney in the State of New South Wales Commercial Traveller deceased intestate - Application will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof that Administration of the Estate of the above named deceased may be granted to NANCY OLIVE PRYDE a daughter of the above named deceased and also that the usual Administration Bond be dispensed with. All persons having any claim against the said Estate are required to send particulars thereof within the time aforesaid to, and all notices may be served at the offices of the undersigned. Dated this sixth day of April, 1916.

JOHN H. CLAYTON and SON, Proctors for the Administratix, 164 Pitt street, Sydney38

James Weeding, the husband of Jane Oliver, died on 28 July 1916 in Oatlands, Tasmania. James' surname for the death registration in the Tasmanian Federation Index has been incorrectly transcribed as Harding.39

WEEDING.-On July 28, 1916, at his late residence, Weedington, Oatlands, James Weeding. In the 89th year of his age. Interred Monday, July 31.40

An obituary was published shortly after:

The following additional particulars concerning the late Mr. James Weeding, whoso death occurred at Weedington, Oatlands, last week, are supplied by a correspondent:-The deceased gentleman was born in 1827, and was a son of the late Mr. James Weeding, who was one of the original pioneers of the Oatlands district, having settled there about 1825. Mr. Weeding was educated at Munary's School, Bagdad, and on leaving school was employed on his father's property. On the latter's death, in 1838, the estate came into the hands of Mr. Weeding and his brother Thomas, who joined the East India Company's service, and died in India in 1860. Mr. James Weeding remained and managed the estate, which comprised about 1,700 acres of splendid agricultural and pastoral land, 1,200 acres of which were owned by him, and the remainder leased from his brother's widow. Mr. Weeding was also the proprietor of 3,000 acres of sheep run at the Eastern Marshes, 12 miles from Oatlands. He was married in 1848 to Miss Jane Oliver, and had a family of 13 children.41

Allan Weeding was in a relationship with Ellen M. E. Espie. An Ellen Mary Espie was born on 23 August 1877 in Brighton, Tasmania to John Edward Espie and Annie Brock.42 No marriage for Allan or Ellen has been located. Allan Weeding died on 28 March 1919 in the general hospital, Launceston, Tasmania.43

WEEDING.-On March 28, at the General Hospital, Launceston, Allan, the dearly beloved husband of Nellie Weeding, York Plains, and seventh son of the late James
Weeding, Weedington, Oatlands, Tasmania, aged 52 years.

WEEDING.-The Funeral of the late Mr. Allan Weeding will leave Weedington, Oatlands, on Sunday Afternoon, March 30, at 2 30, for interment In the Presbyterian Cemetary, Oatlands.44

John Weeding married for a second time to Kate Isabel Rust on 25 April 1923 in St. Peter's Church, Oatlands, Tasmania.45 Kate Rust was born (as an un-named female) on 2 September 1883 in the Glamorgan district to Walter Rust and Amy Isabel Lyne.46 Kate was a nurse prior to and after her marriage to John Weeding.47 They had three children that have been traced.

George Weeding died on 9 April 1926 in the Mental Hospital at New Norfolk, Tasmania.48

Thomas Weeding died on 12 February 1930 in Woodsdale, Tasmania.49

WEEDING.-On .February 12, ,1930, at Woodsdale, Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Eliza Weeding, and second eldest son of the late James Weeding, of Weedington, Oatlands, aged 76 years.

WEEDING.-The.funeral of the late Mr. Thomas Weeding, will leave his late residence at Woodsdale at 1 o'clock on Thursday (To-day), and will arrive at the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, at 3 p.m.50

James Weeding died on 2 September 1935 in Oatlands, Tasmania.

WEEDING.-On September 2, 1935, at his residence, Braeside, Oatlands, James, the eldest son of the late James Weeding, Weedington, Oatlands, in his 87th year.

WEEDING.-The Funeral of the late Mr. James Weeding, Braeside, Oatlands, will arrive at the Presbyterian Church, Oatlands, at 2.15 p.m. (This Day), thence to Cemetery arriving at 3 p.m.51

An obituary was published the day after the funeral:


Mr. James Weeding, who died at Oatands on Monday, was buried in the Presbyterian cemetery, Oatlands, yesterday. Mr. Weeding was aged 87 years. The Rev. J. A. FInlay conducted services at the church and at the graveside. The chief mourners were Messrs. Lyndon Weedlng (son), John Weedlng (brother), A. and B. Weeding (nephews), and R. Nicolas (son-in law). The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Tremaine.

Mr. Weeding was born at Oatlands, and was the eldest son of the late Mr. James Weeding, of Weedlngton, one of the oldest residences at Oatlands. He followed pastoral pursuits, and had resided at Oatlands almost all his life. He was an elder of the Presbyterian Church for about 60 years. His wife died several years ago. He leaves a son and two daughters, Mrs. R. Nicolas (Antill Ponds) and Miss D. Weeding (Oatlands).52

Nancy Pryde, nee Weeding, died in 1940 in Chatswood, New South Wales.53

Oliver Weeding died on 26 January 1942 in Oatlands, Tasmania.


One of the oldest residents of Oatlands, Mr. Oliver Weeding, died at his home, Weedington, Oatlands, on Tuesday, after a long illness. He was aged 86 years. Mir. Weeding was the third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Weeding, and spent his entire life at Oatlands, where he was engaged in farming and pastoral pursuits. Mr. Weeding took a keen interest in football, and was patron of the Oatlands club for many years. Surviving members of the family are his brother, Mr. John Weeding, and four sisters--Misses Jane, Isabella, Mary, and Susie Weeding, all of Oatlands.

The funeral, which was private, was conducted at the Presbyterian Church yesterday by Rev. W. Harrison. The chief mourners were Messrs. John and Alan Weeding (Hobart), Leonard Weeding (Oatlands), Bertie Weeding (Woodsdale), and H. Raymond Nicholas (Antill Ponds), all nephews.54

Isabella Frances Weeding died on 27 January 1943 in Hobart, Tasmania.

WEEDING.-On January 27, 1943, at private hospital, Hobart, Isabella Frances, third daughter of the late James and Jane Weeding, of Weedington, Oatlands. Interment. Oatlands, Thursday (This Day). Funeral private.55

Jane Weeding died on 28 July 1945 in Oatlands, Tasmania.

WEEDING.-On July 28, 1945, Jane, second daughter of the late James and Jane Weeding, of Weedington, Oatlands. Private interment Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, Sunday, July 29.56

Mary Weeding died on 18 August 1946 in Hobart, Tasmania.

WEEDING.-On August 18. 1946, at Hobart, Mary, fourth daughter of the late James and Jane Weeding, of Weedington, Oatlands. Private cremation.57

Susan Harriet Weeding died on 17 April 1947 in Hobart, Tasmania.

WEEDING.-On April 17, 1947, at a private hospital. Hobart, Susan Harriett, fifth daughter of the late James and Jane Weeding, of Weedington, Oatlands. Interment will take place at Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, on Friday (This Day). Funeral private.58

Martha Weeding, nee Renyard, the wife of Andrew Weeding, died on 23 March 1949 in Lindisfarne, Tasmania.

WEEDING.-On March 23, 1949, at Lindisfarne, Martha Emma, relict of Andrew Weeding, and loving and loved mother of Allan, Hugh, and Archie (deceased), in the 88th year of her age. Funeral private.59

John Weeding died on 25 March 1950 in Oatlands, Tasmania.

WEEDING--On March 20, 1950, at his residence, Weedington, Oatlands, John, dearly beloved husband of Kate Isabel Weeding, loving father of Trevor and
James, and son of the late James and Jane Weeding.

WEEDING-The funeral of the late Mr. John Weeding will move from his late residence, Weedington, Oatlands, on Monday (this day) at 4 p.m., for Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands.60

An obituary was printed on 29 March 1950.

Mr. John Weeding

THE funeral took place at Oatlands on Monday of Mr. John Weeding, who died at his home, Weedington, last Saturday. His is survived by his wife and sons, Trevor and James.
The late Mr. Weeding, son of James and Jane Weeding, was born at Weedington, one of the better-known Midlands estates, where he lived nearly all his life. A member of the Oatlands Council, an elder of the Presbyterian Church, and for many years superintendent of the Oatlands Presbyterian Sunday School, Mr. Weeding was also a justice of the peace. Excelling in football, he was an all-round athlete and a foundation member of the Oatlands Golf Club.

A service was conducted at the Oatlands Presbyterian Church by Rev. A. G. Goy, who was assisted by Rev. G. E. Harrison, of Campbell Town. There was a large gathering at the graveside. Chief mourners were Messrs. Trevor and James Weeding (sons). Others at the graveside were the Warden of Oatlands (Cr. A. R. Fisher) and Councillors A. Morrison, G. J. Darling, J. M. Hodgson, A. E. Isles. Funeral arrangements were by Alex Clarke, Hobart.61

Eliza Weeding, nee Heritage, the wife of James Weeding, died on 3 June 1954 in Glenorchy, Tasmania.

WEEDING. - Passed peacefully away on June, 3, 1954, Eliza, of 77 Tolosa St., Glenorchy, widow of Thomas Weeding, of Woodsdale, and loved and loving mother of Olive and Thomas Hubert (Bert), in her 92nd year. Private cremation.62

Ellen Weeding, nee Espie, the wife of Andrew Weeding, died on 11 February 1963 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Kate Isabel Weeding, nee Rust, the wife of John Weeding, died on 25 February 1977.

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AOT Weeding Resources

The following resources related to the Weeding family are available from the Archives Office of Tasmania. The list has been truncated to only include events or articles up until and including 1918. The full and up to date list can be retrieved by searching the Archives Office of Tasmania Collection.

Type Identifier Title Start Date End Date
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Item NS322/1/2 Two letters to Emma Weeding from T. Weeding (written in UK) - Oct 1834 and Feb 1838 01/10/1834 28/021838
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