Maney Easton and George Rutherford

Maney Easton was born on 10 February 1796 in Lilliesleaf, Roxburgh, Scotland, the daughter of James Easton and Agnes Thomson. Maney was one of twins, the other being her sister Agnes Easton.1 The forename is relatively unique, and was subject to a number of spelling variations over the years.

Maney married George Rutherford, sometime around 1824 based on the births of their children, although no marriage registration has been found on Scotland's People. George was baptised on 24 August 1799 in Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland, the son of James Rutherford and Nellie Elliott.2

Maney and George apparently travelled to the United States of America in the early 1820s, based on later documentation, and it is known that George's parents and most of his siblings emigrated there in the 1830s. For some reason George and Maney returned to Scotland prior to that later migration. Their first son James Rutherford, born on 4 April 1825 in America, was baptised in Saint Boswells, Roxburgh, Scotland.

James, son of George Rutherford and Menie Easton, was born in America on the 4 of April 1825 and baptized the same year.3

The second child was a daughter, Agnes Rutherford, born on 11 April 1827 and baptised 13 May 1827 in Saint Boswells, Roxburgh, Scotland.

Agnes, daughter of George Rutherford and his wife Menie Easton, was born at Lessudden, 11th of April 1827 baptized 13th of May same year by Mr. Rutherford, Minister at Newtown.4

Lessuden House as it is now known stands at the east end of the village of St. Boswells. The location, once known as Lessudden Place, was the home for many years of the Scotts of Raeburn, who acquired the property in 1664. It was originally a Border stronghold surrounded by a high wall which enclosed all the outbuildings, garden and "doo cote". The wall was removed in 1780.5

Maney and George's third child, Helen Eliot Rutherford, was born on 3 January 1830, Minto, Roxburgh, Scotland.

George Rutherford, Farm Steward at Minto, had a daughter born 3 January 1830 and baptised shortly after named Helen.6

Helen and her brother John had their births registered at the same time. John Rutherford was born on 3 May 1833, Minto, Roxburgh, Scotland.7 His birth registration follows on from his sister.

The said George Rutherford had a son born 3 May 1833 and baptised shortly after named John.

Maney and George's last recorded child, Isabella Rutherford, was born on 11 July 1839, Minto, Roxburgh, Scotland.8 The family appear on the 1841 census as living in the Lillielaw Lodge or Minto South Lodge.9

Name Relationship Condition Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
George Rutherford     40 M Land Steward Roxburghshire
Mary Rutherford     40 F   Roxburghshire
James Rutherford     15 M   Not in County
Helen Rutherford     11 F   Roxburghshire
John Rutherford     8 M   Roxburghshire
Isabel Rutherford     1 F   Roxburghshire

The 1851 census return for the family reaffirms that Maney and George's first child was born in the United States of America. The return states the family was still living in the South (or Lillielaws) Porter Lodge in Minto, Roxburghshire, Scotland.10

Name Relationship Condition Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
George Rutherford Head Married 51 M Farm Steward Roxburgh, Jedburgh
Mary Rutherford Wife Married 50 F   Roxburgh, Lilliesleaf
James Rutherford Son Unmarried 25 M Ag. Lab. North America
Agnes Rutherford Daughter Unmarried 23 F   Roxburgh, St. Boswells
Helen Rutherford Daughter Unmarried 21 F   Roxburgh, Minto
Isabella Rutherford Daughter Unmarried 11 F Scholar Roxburgh, Minto

Maney Rutherford, nee Easton, died in 1851. After Maney's death George Rutherford married for a second time to Margaret Lees on 17 December 1852 in Minto, Roxburghshire.11 George and Margaret would go on to have a further three children:

  • Mary Ann, born on 22 September 1853 in Minto, Roxburgh.12
  • George, born about 1856.
  • Jane, born about 1859.

The family appear on the 1861 census, still living in the South (or Lillielaws) Porter Lodge in Minto, Roxburghshire, Scotland.13

Name Relationship Condition Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
George Rutherford Head Married 61 M Farm Steward Roxburgh, Jedburgh
Margaret Rutherford Wife Married 43 F   Selkirk, Selkirk
Mary Anne Rutherford Daughter   7 F Scholar Roxburgh, Minto
George Rutherford Son   5 M Scholar Roxburgh, Minto
Jane Rutherford Daughter   2 F   Roxburgh, Minto

Helen Elliot Rutherford married James Ogilvie Barron, probably in America sometime in the early 1850s. Their story is told on the Helen Eliot Rutherford and James Ogilvie Barron page.

Agnes and Isabella Rutherford both came to Tasmania, arriving in Hobart from Liverpool on 2nd December 1856; they had travelled on the 'Sir W.F. Williams', Agnes' age was given as 27 (she was, in fact, 29 by then), Isabella's, correctly, as 17. Both were 'of the Church of Scotland, could read & write, were single, and had been born in Roxburghshire'; both were also described as 'needlewoman and domestic servant'. Each had paid £16-0-0d for their passage and, in the column for 'Name of Person on Whose Application Sent Out' was written the name of their aunt, Isabella Oliver.14

In Tasmania, Agnes Rutherford entered into a long term relationship with Henry Parker, no marriage record has been found. Their story is told on the Agnes Rutherford and Henry Parker page. Isabella Rutherford married James Clifford on 17 July 1860 at the home of the Reverend Lachlan McKinnon Campbell in Oatlands.15 Their story is told on the Isabella Rutherford and James Clifford page.

George Rutherford died on 23 September 1862 in Lililaw, Minto, Roxburgh, Scotland. He was recorded as a farm steward, married to Margaret, and son of James Rutherford and Helen Elliot, both deceased. The cause of death was recorded as Gastric Fever. James Rutherford, George's son, was present as the witness.16