The Mystery of Lydia Harnett

Lydia ARNOTT / HARNETT was born circa 1824. 1 No official registration or record of her birth or baptism has been found to date. It is also not defined as where Lydia was born. Based on later chronological events, it is believed Lydia was possibly born in Hobart, where she was residing in order to meet her first husband and the recorded father of her first child, a son named Henry Wilshire Webb, born out of wedlock in 1839.

It is Lydia's marriage in 1841, that potentially links her directly to Thomas Arnott -

20 Sep 1841 Holborn St Sepulchre City of London Parish Register
Henry Webb of age, Widower, builder, 14 Merlin’s Place, (Holborn) 2
~ father Richard WEBB, Taylor
Lydia Harnot of age, spinster, 14 Merlin’s Place, (Holborn) 3
~ father Thomas HARNOT, Farmer
He signed, she made her mark
By Banns
Witnesses: William Plenty, Eliza Phoebe Beadle 4

Lydia's first husband, Henry Webb, was a widower at the time of this, his second marriage.

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