Children of James Wilson and Catherine Boak

James Wilson and Catherine Boak had ten children, of whom eight are known to have survived to adulthood. Four of their children and most other descendants were to become pioneer settlers in New South Wales, Victoria and Van Diemen's Land. They were: Surgeon Thomas Braidwood Wilson R.N., George Wilson, John Wilson and Margaret Byers. The descendants of two other brothers, David & James, also emigrated to the colonies: in 1854/5 James' widow and all but two of their surviving children emigrated to VDL, together with all of David's children. The other two of James' children went to Canada and although they were both married, they had no issue. In addition the descendants of another sister, Mary White, settled in New Zealand after her eldest son first emigrated to Tasmania. It is only Mary's line which continued in Scotland, as Robert's only surviving daughter never married.
Their descendants number (conservatively) over 5,000 individuals. This section only includes biographies of the children of James and Catherine who married and had children of their own.