Thomas Wilson and Catherine Hay

Thomas Wilson was born on 20 January 1822 in Muiravonside, Stirling, Scotland. He was baptised on 10 February 1822, also in Muiravonside, Stirling, Scotland.1 He was the eldest child and son of David Wilson and Jean Crawford. Thomas married Catherine Hay on 7 June 1850 in Uphall, West Lothian, Scotland:

Thomas Wilson & Catherine Hay, the former residing in the Parish of Linlithgow, the latter in this parish, having been regularly proclaimed in order to marriage & no objections offered to the same were married this day.2

Catherine Hay was baptised on 21 November 1827 in Torphichen, West Lothian, Scotland to William Hay and Margaret Shields.3 Catherine's brother John Hay would go on to marry Thomas Wilson's cousin Agnes Byers.

Thomas and Catherine had three children in Scotland, although none of their births appear to have been registered. David Wilson was born about 1850, Margaret Wilson was born on 2 November 1853, and Jane Wilson was born about 1854.4

1851 Census Information?

The family arrived in Tasmania aboard the Chatham on the 19 February 1855. Thomas is listed as age 22 of Linlithgow, occupation Ploughman, his wife Catherine age 25 of Linlithgow, Farm Servant, and the children - David age 5, Margaret age 3, and Jane age 1. They were sponsored by George Wilson (Thomas' uncle) and the fare was 88 pounds.5

In Tasmania, Thomas and Catherine had a further five children. William John Wilson was born on 14 February 1856 in Mount Seymour, Tasmania.6 Thomas Wilson was born on 9 October 1858 in Oatlands, Tasmania.7 James Wilson was born on 7 November 1861 in Oatlands, Tasmania.8 Alexander Wilson was born on 21 July 1863 in Oatlands, Tasmania.9 Catherine Hay Wilson was born on 21 April 1866 in Oatlands, Tasmania.10

Margaret Wilson (18) married her cousin William Wilson (21) on 2 November 1869 in Oatlands, Tasmania.11 William Wilson was born about 1848 or 1849 in Scotland to Alexander Crawford Wilson and Margaret Smith.12 Margaret and William would have eight children that have been traced.

William John Wilson (21) married his cousin Agnes Wilson (23) on 3 July 1877 in Oatlands, Tasmania.13 Agnes was born on 1 May 1853 in Crichton, Scotland, the daughter of Mary Wilson.14 William and Agnes would have three children that have been traced.

Jane Wilson (Adult) married David Easton (incorrectly transcribed as Eastow, Adult) on 22 October 1878 in Hobart, Tasmania.15 David was born about 1844, the son of Thomas and Mary Easton.16 Jane and David would have five children that have been traced.

EASTON-WILSON.-On October 22, at St. John's Manse, by the Rev. James Scott, David Easton to Jane, second daughter of Mr. T. Wilson.17

Thomas Wilson (25) married Annie Philomena Twedie (or Tweedie, 16) on 3 September 1885 in Hobart, Tasmania.18 Annie was born about 1870, the daughter of Henry Tweedie and Mary Dalton.19 Thomas and Annie would have seven children that have been traced.

William Wilson, the husband of Margaret Wilson, died on 26 November 1886 in Oatlands, Tasmania. William was reported as a farmer, aged 39, and the cause of death recorded as Meningitis.20 He was buried in Oatlands, Tasmania.21

Catherine Hay Wilson (21) married her cousin James Byers Hay (24) on 4 November 1889 in Oatlands, Tasmania.22 James Byers Hay was born on 20 January 1865 in Oatlands, Tasmania, the son of John Hay and Agnes Byers.23 Catherine and James had five children that have been traced.

James Wilson (29) married (Emily) Isabella Steadman (20) on 23 November 1892 in Oatlands, Tasmania.24 Emily was born on 16 September 1872 in Oatlands, Tasmania, the daughter of George Steedman and Julia Mansfield.25 James and Emily would have eight children that have been traced.

Catherine Wilson, nee Hay, died on 23 January 1898 in Oatlands, Tasmania. The cause of death was recorded as a cerebral embolism, or a stroke. Catherine was recorded as the wife of a farmer, and it was noted she had been born in Scotland.26

Thomas Wilson died on 13 January 1907 in Mount Seymour, Tasmania.27 The cause of Thomas' death is currently unknown.

WILSON.-On January 13, 1907, Thomas Wilson, in the 85th year of his age. Funeral will leave his daughter's residence, Sunnyside, Mount Seymour, on Tuesday (This Day), 15th inst., at 12.30, for Oatlands Cemetery. No flowers.28

Annie Philomena Wilson, nee Tweedie, the wife of Thomas Wilson, died on 10 May 1908 in Mount Seymour, Tasmania.29

WILSON. - On May 10, at Dunmore, Mount Seymour, Anne Philomena, the beloved wife of Thomas Wilson.30

James Wilson died on 17 November 1912 in the General Hospital in Hobart, Tasmania.31

WILSON.—On November 17, 1912, at the General hospital, Hobart, James, the beloved husband of Belle Wilson, Woodstock, Mt. Seymour, and third son of the late Thomas and Catherine Wilson, Overton, Mt. Seymour, aged 51 years. "Thy will be done"32

Jane Easton, nee Wilson, the wife of David Easton, died on 2 April 1919 in Rhyndaston, Tasmania.33

EASTON.- On April 2, 1919, at her late residence, Spring Vale, Rhyndaston, Jane, the dearly loved and loving wife of David Easton, and second eldest daughter of the late Catherine and Thomas Wilson, Overton, Mount Seymour, after a long and lingering illness. A patient sufferer gone to rest. Funeral will move from above address at 11.30 a.m. This Day (Friday), arriving at Presbyterian Cemetery, Oat- lands, at 2 p.m.34

Agnes Wilson, the wife of William John Wilson, died on 29 January 1921 in Ponsonby Park, Whitefoord, Tasmania.35 A later memorial notice marked the event:

WILSON-In loving memory of my dear wife, who departed this life on January 29, 1921.

She bore her pain, she bore it well,
What she suffered none can tell
But God alone, Who knows what's best,
Did take her home, and gave her rest.

Inserted by her loving husband, W.J. Wilson, Crichton36

David Easton, the husband of Jane Wilson, died on 5 July 1923 in the Public Hospital in Hobart, Tasmania.37

At a meeting of the Municipal Council at Oatlands Mr. O Connor, in feeling terms, referred to the death of the late Mr. David Easton, who for a number of years was a road trustee, councillor, and Justice of the Peace. During the whole period he had carried out these duties in a capable and conscientious manner, as well as proving himself an estimable citizen and neighbour. Mr. O Connor moved that a letter of condolence be written to the relatives and a minute recorded testifying to the enteem in which the late Mr. Easton had been held. The Warden and members having endorsed Mr. O'Connor's motion, it was agreed to in silence, members standing.38

The news of the death of Mr. David Easton, of Rhyndaston, was received with feelings of regret by those who had made his acquaintance when on his frequent visits there to his daughter, Mrs. J. McConnon and sympathy with her in her loss is felt by the residents.39

Margaret Wilson, the wife of William Wilson, died on 21 October 1926 in Mount Seymour, Tasmania.40

WILSON.-On October 21, 1926, at Overton, Margaret, widow of the late William Wilson, of Mount Seymour, in the 76th year of her age. Funeral will move from Overton at 11 o'clock on Saturday morning for Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands.

"Thy will be done."41

Thomas Wilson died on 8 October 1927 in Mount Seymour, Tasmania.42

WILSON.-On October 8, 1927, at his residence, Dunmoor, Mount Seymour, Thomas, third son of the late Thomas and Katherine Wilson, of Overton, Mount Seymour, aged 68 years. Thy will be done.

WILSON.-Funeral of the late Mr. Thomas Wilson will move from his late residence, Dunmoor, Mount Seymour, This Day (Tuesday), at 1.30 p m., for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands.43

Emily Isabella Wilson, nee Steadman, died on 21 October 1930 in Mount Seymour, Tasmania.

WILSON.-On October 19, 1930, at her residence, Woodstock, Mount Seymour, Emily Isabelle, beloved wife of the late James Wilson, Woodstock, Mount Seymour. (Suddenly.) Funeral notice later.44

WILSON.-The funeral of the late Mrs. Emily Isabell Wilson will move from her late residence, Woodstock, Mt. Seymour, on Thursday (To-day) at 2.30 p.m., arriving at Oatlands Cemetery about 3.30.45

In November 1935 William and David Wilson died within days of each other. William John Wilson died on 7 November 1935 in Ponsonby Park, Whitefoord, Tasmania.

WILSON-On November 7, 1935 (suddenly) at Ponsonby Park, Whitefoord, William John, husband of the late Agnes Wilson, of Crichton, Mount Seymour, in his 79th year.

WILSON.-Funeral of the late William John Wilson will leave the resldence of his daughter and son-in-law, Ponsonby Park, Whitefoord, on Saturday Afternoon, at 1 o'clock, for Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, arriving there at 2.30.46

WILSON.-On November 14, 1935, at Public Hospital, Hobart, David Wilson, late of Overton, Mt. Seymour, aged 87 years. At rest.

WILSON.-Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of the late Mr. David Wilson, late of Overton, Mt. Seymour, which will take place at Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, on Saturday (To-morrow) at 3 p.m.47

An obituary for David Wilson was published in the Mercury on 18 November 1935:


The funeral took place at the Presbyterian Cemetery, Oatlands, on Saturday, of Mr. David Wilson, of Overton, Mount Seymour, who died at the Hobart Public Hospital on Thursday. The chief mourners were Messrs. D. N., C., G. T., J. H., T. G., J. E., H. V., S. E., W. A., and T. H. Wilson, (nephews). The Rev. J. A. Finlay conducted the service, and the arrangements were carried out by Messrs. H. C. Millington Pty. Ltd., Hobart.

Mr. Wilson was born in Scotland 87 years ago, and arrived in Tasmania in 1855 with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson, who were among a number of Scottish immigrants who came to Tasmania under the auspices of the St Andrew's Society, Launceston. He was the eldest son, and is the last of the family. Mr. Wilson had followed farming pursuits at Overton since his arrival in the State, and was one of the pioneers of the Mount Seymour district.

He was not married.48