No. 1.4 - Description of the Stud Farms of the Tight Little Island (continued)

Otago Witness , Issue 1893, 2 March 1888, Page 24

"Warrior," in describing his visit to Mr C. S. Agnew's stud farm, made reference to Little Footsteps as the dam of Chaldean, and in your issue of February 10, I very forcibly stated that her son would prove one of the most brilliant racehorses in Tasmania. The result of the Launceston and Hobart meetings have realised my prediction, for Chaldean won easily every race he started for. The son of Little Footsteps, The Assyrian completely romped home in the T.R.C. Sires Produce Stakes. Chaldean, being a December colt, is not so full grown as the youngsters of Australia and New Zealand. He possesses splendid hindquarters, and takes very much after The Quack and Nimblefoot. Strange to say, Merrytoes and Quickstep were small mares in comparison with the present day, which no doubt accounts for the Savanaka build of Chaldean. Should Mr Agnew take it into his head to start the son of The Assyrian in the V.R.C. three-year-old events you can bet your bottom dollar he will scoop in the pool. The following is the pedigree of —

Chaldran Pedigree

In another box I came across Quicklight, an aged chestnut, who, like Chaldean, proved victorious at the late Northern and Southern Tasmanian race meetings. He is not to say a large-boned horse, but he possesses in many ways the qualities of his dam, Creeping Jane, who was got by Bloomsbury, out of Young Adelaide, by Lucifer from Adelaide, by Buffalo. This horse if in New Zealand would win races.

Mr Agnew informed me that it might be of some interest to the sporting readers of the Otago Witness in New Zealand to know the pedigree of a fashionable mare who resided at Waverley and Mr Alfred Page's stud farm for some years. I speak of Lass o' the Hills, who was bred by Mr Gerrard, of South Australia, in 1872. It appears she left in foal for New Zealand when sold, and her colt was christened Cock o' the Walk. As far as I can gather her pedigree is as follows —

Lass o' the Hills Pedigree

(To be continued.)