No. 1.5 - Description of the Stud Farms of the Tight Little Island (continued)

Otago Witness , Issue 1894, 9 March 1888, Page 25

Before taking my departure from the Waverly stud farm, Squire Agnew introduced me to two of his mares with foals at foot grazing in an adjoining paddock. First Fruit, bred in England by Sir John B. Astley in 1875, was two years old when she landed in Tasmania, to the order of Mr Alfred Page, a member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council. In 1878 she threw a foal to Horatio, but missed the following year. Up to the present her stock has not been very successful, but with such a splendid stallion as The Assyrian she will no doubt throw a good foal. The following is her pedigree —

First Fruit Pedigree

In Tripaway Mr Agnew has a first-class brood mare. She was bred by Mr Alfred Page in 1877, and her pedigree speaks for itself. Her grand dam, Quickstep, produced two Melbourne Cup winners, Nimblefoot and The Quack. Her sire, Horatio, carried off the Sydney Metropolitan of 1873, and the same year ran third to Don Juan and Dagworth in the Melbourne Cup. Lord of Linne, the sire of Tripaway's dam, got a wonderful racehorse in Loup Garou, who romped home in the A.J.C. and V.R.C. Derbys of 1872. Tripaway has a foal at foot to The Assyrian, which Warrior was very much taken up with, and she has gone to him again ; —

Tripaway Pedigree

During my visit to the lakes I came across the dam of Chaldean, the best two-year-old in Tasmania, as was proved at the late Launceston and Hobart race meetings. Little Footsteps, the mare I am speaking of, is a really first-class brood r«are. Her first foal was Goody Two Shoes, a filly by Horatio. With the exception of Blink Bonny I consider Little Footsteps the best animal to be found in the Waverly paddocks. She has fine quarter. 1 and would breed well from such sires in New Zealand as Sfc. George and Nordenfeldt. She was bred by Mr Alfred Page in 1875. I was so impressed with her that Mr Agnew went to the trouble of compiling her pedigree, which I now present to the sporting readers of the Witness ; —

Little Footsteps Pedigree

Having interviewed Pocahontas, who ran nowhere in the Hobart Cup in consequence of a "leg", and is in foal to The Assyrian, we left for Mr Agnew's residence, and after a repast mounted our steeds and made for the principal lakes of Tasmania.

My next article will contain an account of a two days' sojourn at Lakes Sorell and Crescent, 3500 ft above the level of the sea and 45 miles in circumference. Then will follow articles on the New Norfolk Lunatic Asylum, Tasmanian gaols, &c.