<em>Triabunna is the largest township on the east coast of <a href="?q=Tasmania">Tasmania</a>, is the civic and municipal heart of the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, and is 84 kilometres to the north-east of the state capital Hobart. It is a coastal town on the Tasman Highway, and is sheltered within Spring Bay at the mouth of MacCleans Creek and Vickerys Rivulet. The nearest township is Orford, 6 kilometres to the south on the far side of the bay. At the 2006 census, Triabunna had a population of 796..."Triabunna" is an Aboriginal Tasmanian word for the endemic Tasmanian native-hen. The town was founded in 1830 as a station of the 63rd regiment, and later the 51st regiment also called Triabunna home for a time...The first Spring Bay Post Office opened on 28 February 1832 and closed later that year. It reopened in 1836 and was renamed Triabunna in 1881.</em> Source: <a href=",_Tasmania">Wikipedia</a>