<em>Westbury is a town in the central north of <a href="?q=Tasmania">Tasmania</a>, Australia. It lies 30 km west of Launceston on the Bass Highway, and at the 2006 census had a population of 1,476... The site was first surveyed in 1823. The town was laid out in 1828 by the Van Diemen's Land Company. In the 1830s Westbury developed as a garrison village. A detachment of troops commanded by Lieutenant Ball were stationed in Westbury in 1832. They were barracked around a village green in the centre of the town. The village green is still in use today and is reputed[by whom?] to be the only traditional village green in Australia. Westbury Post Office opened on 21 June 1832.</em> Source: <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westbury,_Tasmania">Wikipedia</a>

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