<em>Mannus is a small rural community in the south east part of the Riverina (in <a href="?q=New South Wales">New South Wales</a> - Ed.). It is about 9 kilometres (6 mi) west from Tumbarumba and 11 kilometres (7 mi) east from Munderoo. Mannus is the home to the Mannus Correctional Centre situated on Linden Roth Drive (the road between Tumbarumba and Munderoo. The centre provides minimum-security incarceration for 164 full-time male prisoners. There is also a periodic detention centre for both males and females nearby and these detainees undertake community projects on weekends... Other than the Correctional Centre the only public establishments in the area are the remote telephone exchange (called the Mannus Creek Exchange) and the Mannus Campsite including Mannus Lake — both of which are linked to the Hume & Hovell Walking Track, which is part of the National Trust.</em> Source: <a href=",_New_South_Wales">Wikipedia</a>