Cranbrook in an area on the East Coast of Tasmania settled in the 1820s by Adam Amos and his family. They arrived with George Meredith, another prominent East Coast settler, in March 1821 in the Emerald, and were advised to look for land on the unsettled east coast. Adam's capital entitled him to a grant of 1000 acres (405 ha) which he located on the Swan River at Cranbrook, and called Gala. Source: Australian Dictionary of Biography The Gala Kirk is the oldest church in the Glamorgan district, for as early as October 7, 1844, a meeting was held at Cranbrook at which it was decided to build a chapel.... At the meeting mentioned it was decided to accept the offer of five acres of land, part of the "Glen Gala" Estate, owned by Mr. Adam Amos, as a site for a place of worship. Source: Examiner 21 November 1935