Thomas Arnott and Sarah Hainsworth

In November 1834, Thomas married another convict, Sarah "Ainsworth" with Revd. Knopwood officiating and recording the event in his own personal diary. 1

Thurs 20. This morn I married Mr Arnold [sic] at Clarence Plains. 2

Sarah Hainsworth, a native of Stanley near Leeds, Yorkshire; had been tried at the Pontefract Court Sessions on 4 April 1831, for stealing a watch, and transported for 14 years. 3

These Sessions commence on Monday next. The number of prisoners at present entered on the calendar fro trial, amount to 119. Of these, thirty-seven have been committed to take their trials by the Magistrates sitting at the Town-Hall, (Sheffield.) Forty-six are entered in the list as under twenty years of age. Out of the whole body of criminals, seventeen only are females. 4

These Sessions commenced at Pontefract on Monday last. The felony cases were generally of an uninteresting kind - The nature and result of each charge will, however, be found in the following summary :-
Transported fourteen years. - Sarah Hainsworth, for stealing from the person of John Naylor, of Wakefield, a silver watch and some silver money. 5

Thomas was again in trouble with the law, but this time there was insufficient evidence, and he was discharged.

Thomas Arnott, was fined 5s. for drunkenness, and some "Quere" base coin being found in his possession, he was necessarily detained for an explanation, but as no proof of a guilty knowledge appeared, he was discharged. 6

For many years there was a boundary dispute between Thomas and one neighbour William Short.

Hobart Town Police Report. Thursday April 27.
William Short appeared to answer the complaint of Thomas Arnett, of Kangaroo Point, for shooting at him. The parties have been a long time at War about a piece of land which both claim. Short, as appeared by Arnett's statement, fired off a piece near to Arnett's house, late at night, and using threatening language, alarmed him and family, and he swore he considered the life of himself and family in danger. On Shorts' explanation, it appeared he had no intention of shooting anything human,he was only shooting for "flats". The case was dismissed. 7

Thomas' other neighbours included Humphrey Lynch and Edward Munday.

Notice is hereby given, that the following claims for grants will be ready for examination by the Commissioners appointed for that purpose, upon or immediately after the 6th day of September next, on or before which day any caveat or counterclaim must be entered :—
Peter Buchannan, 30 a., Clarence, originally Thomas Arnott, who sold to Sophia Graves, now the applicant's wife—bounded on the south west by 2 chains 60 links along a location originally made to Timothy Quin commencing at the road leading between Kangaroo Point and Richmond, on the north west by 3 chains along a location made to Richard Brown, again on the south west by 15 chains 60 links along the last mentioned location to a rivulet, thence on the north west by the said rivulet to land occupied by or belonging to Thomas George Gregson, thence by 19 chains along the land last mentioned, on the north east by a south easterly line extending to the road before mentioned, and on the south east by the said road to Timothy Quin's location aforesaid. 8

Luck was not with Thomas, his second wife Sarah died five years later 9 and the two girls were admitted to Queen's Orphanage in Hobart in 1839. 10 & 11

It would not be long, before Thomas would possibly "marry" for a third time .....