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The Campbell Family

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These pages document the known details of one Tasmanian CAMPBELL family Scottish origins and subsequent lives of various family members and groups.


The following works were consulted while compiling the information for this discussion of the Campbell family.
Note that the moderators of Vandemonian Royalty cannot provide you with any of the following material, nor can we provide contact details for other Campbell family researchers.


The story of the Campbell family is not the work of one person, but includes the research of a number of people.
Researchers who have contributed to the information presented here include :

  • Gwenda Oxley (nee Campbell)
  • Margaret Rackham
  • and many other cousins too numerous to list

Published Sources

Unpublished Sources

Gwenda Oxley (nee Campbell) is probably the pre-eminent Campbell family researcher, having researched and documented the various branches of the family; which have been rigorously verified by the historical records that have been accessed to date.

Privately Published Sources

Oxley, Gwenda : Peter Campbell and his Descendants

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