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Counties Hundreds Parishes Townships

By his Excellency Colonel George Arthur Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Van Diemens Land and its Dependencies, &c.

PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS Letters Patent have been issued under the public Seal of this Government, for erecting certain portions of land within this colony into Counties, Hundreds and Parishes. And whereas it is expedient that the utmost publicity should be given to the contents of those letters patent for the general information and guidance of his Majesty's subjects within this Government, I do therefore hereby notify and proclaim the issue of such letters patent, and that the tenor thereof is as follows:— of which all persons are hereby required to take notice, and to govern themselves accordingly.
Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, at the Government House, Hobart town, in Van Diemens land, this 6th day of January 1836.
By His Excellency's command,

WILLIAM THE FOURTH, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith. To all whom these presents shall come,


WHEREAS our late Royal Brother and Predecessor by Letters Patent issued in our island of Van Diemens land, bearing date at Hobart town in our said island, the 18th day of March in the 9th year of His Majesty's reign, did nominate, constitute and appoint George Frankland, esq. Surveyor General of our said island, to be First or Chief Commissioner, and Peter Murdoch and Roderick O'Connor, esqs. to be joint Commissioners, together with the said George Frankland, to make a survey of all the lands within our said island of Van Diemens land and the dependencies thereof, and to apportion the said island and its dependencies into Counties, Hundreds and parishes. And whereas by instructions for that purpose issued by his said late Majesty's order, the Commissioners for the time being were required to divide and apportion the whole of our said island into counties, each of which should contain as nearly as might be, 40 miles square, and to apportion each county into hundreds, of which each hundred should as nearly as might be, comprise an area of 100 square miles; and again to subdivide each hundred into parishes, of which each parish should as nearly as might be, comprise an area of 25 square miles; and that in making the apportionments aforesaid, the commissioners should have regard to all such natural divisions as might be formed by rivers, streams, islands or otherwise. Provided that such division should not at first extend into districts beyond the range of any actual settlements: And provided also, that whenever in order to obtain a clear and well defined natural boundary of any county, hundred or parish, it should be necessary to include therein a greater or smaller quantity of land than is hereinbefore mentioned the said commissioners should make such deviations from the prescribed dimensions of such county, hundred or parish, as might be necessary for obtaining such natural boundary, but so as that no county, hundred or parish should exceed or fall short of the dimensions before prescribed to the extent of more than one third part of such dimensions. And the commissioners were further instructed, from time to time, to make reports to the Lieutenant Governor, setting forth the progress made by them in the before mentioned survey. And whereas, under and by virtue of the aforesaid letters patent of our said late brother and predecessor, and in pursuance of the instructions so issued to them as aforesaid, the said George Frankland, Peter Murdoch and Roderick O'Connor, to being such commissioners as aforesaid, have made a report in writing to His excellency Colonel George Arthur, then and still being our Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemens land and its dependencies, under the hands and seals of them the said commissioners, specifying therein the limits of certain counties, and also of certain hundreds and parishes within the same (hereinafter respectively described), which said counties, hundreds and parishes had at that time been respectively surveyed, apportioned and divided by them the said commissioners. And whereas the said report hath been finally approved of by His Excellency the said Lieutenant Governor, on our behalf, acting therein with the advice of our Executive Council of our said island.

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