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Registration, Privacy and Site Updates


We offer visitors the opportunity to register with our site if they are related to one of the families we are researching. Click on the "Contact" tab and complete the contact form, indicating your relationship accordingly. We require this as a way of avoiding users with malicious intentions, or software based spammers. Once you are registered you can:

  • Add comments to any page on the website.
  • Add topics to the forums.

As we moderate who registers with us we don't moderate the posting of comments or topics. However, if we find a comment or topic is abusive or inflammatory we reserve the right to remove it and disable your access.

Registration does not provide access to premium content. We publish our information freely and without the expectation of reward or registration. There is no hidden content apart from site administration sections that have no value to website users.


This website uses "cookies" to track the pages you visit, and your logged in state (if you are logged in). We use this information only to enhance the site and not in any other way. To learn more about cookies consider visiting the following resources:

  • All About Cookies: a free resource to help marketers and consumers understand the issues surrounding the use of cookies.
  • HTTP Cookie: Wikipedia article about cookies

Registration requires you to create a website profile, containing your first name, last name, username, email address, timezone and some relationship information. We do not reuse your profile information in any way. If we are contacted about information you've posted we may contact you offering to pass your details on, but we won't do that without checking with you first. When you register you can also enable a contact form so other registered users can get in touch with you directly, but only if you allow it.

Anonymous users cannot access your profile but they will see any profile images you have uploaded when they access the forums. They will also see your username, but not the first name and surname you have entered. If you do not wish to be identified do not upload a profile picture, and make your username different from your real names.

Site Updates: RSS Feed

Registered and anonymous users can also subscribe to the Vandemonian Royalty RSS feed by clicking on the following icon (using Internet Explorer or an RSS Feed Reader). Subscribe to the Vandemonian Royalty RSS feed

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