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Copyright Guidelines

Copyright is a sensitive issue - no-one wants to have their hard work reproduced without their permission. However, the concept of fair dealing in Australian Copyright law allows the use of small amounts of material without permission, as long as that material is only used for the purpose of study, research, and discussion.

Unfortunately the definition of a small amount of material is still a grey area - if you believe we have used your material outside of the scope of fair dealing please contact us and let us know. We have no desire to reproduce material that infringes someone's copyright, and we will respond to your concerns promptly, and respectfully.

Obviously the concept of fair dealing also applies to the contents of this website, so you are welcome to use small amounts of material from this site for the purpose of research, study or discussion. In essence, that means that whole pages should not be copied: the rule of thumb is less than 10%, although, as previously noted, should that small amount of material be significant, you may still be outside the scope of fair dealing.

If you wish to use large sections of the site please contact us and request permission. We generally support local family histories that are for restricted publication - just among family members for instance - but we expect other websites to link to our pages rather than copy them. This ensures the context of our discussion is being maintained, and it also means the content stays up to date and accurate.

Finally, the intention of this site is to stimulate in-depth collaboration between the researchers investigating our respective families. We will always acknowledge your contribution, and we welcome vigorous discussion on any issue relevant to the site's contents - please contact us if you wish to participate in our research activities.

Copyright Resources

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