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References and Style Guide

It seemed repetitive and time consuming to fully enumerate each reference on each page of the website, so the commonly used sources have been shortened on most pages and they are fully described here. References can also be ranked according to their reliability, with archival material and direct transcriptions described as primary and items like newspapers and most websites as secondary.

Reference Abbreviations: Primary Sources

Archival Repositories


  • TAHO: Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office (formerly the Archives Office of Tasmania or AOT); Hobart, Tasmania (Website) - See the next major section below for AOT Abbreviations
  • LTO: Land Titles Office; Hobart, Tasmania (Website)
  • SLT: State Library of Tasmania; Hobart, Tasmania (Website)
  • SRCT: Southern Regional Cemetery Trust - Cornelian Bay and Kingston Lawn Cemeteries (CD-ROM Resource or see the Millington's Record Search)
  • TAS BDM: Tasmanian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; Hobart, Tasmania (Website)


  • AJCP: Australian Joint Copying Project
  • HRA: Historical Records of Australia
  • ML: Mitchell Library; Sydney, New South Wales
  • NAA: National Archives of Australia (Website)
  • NLA: National Library of Australia (Website)
  • NSW BDM: New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; Sydney, New South Wales (Website)
  • NSW CSO: Colonial Secretarys Office; Sydney, New South Wales (Website)
  • PROV: Public Records Office of Victoria; Melbourne, Victoria (Website)
  • QLD BDM: Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; Brisbane, Queensland (Website)
  • SA BDM: Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, Births, Deaths and Marriages; Adelaide, South Australia (Website)
  • SLV: State Library of Victoria; Melbourne, Victoria (Website)
  • VIC BDM: Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; Melbourne, Victoria (Website)
  • WA BDM: Western Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; Perth, West Australia (Website)

International - General Register Office for England (GRO) The General Register Office (GRO) keeps all certificates of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales since 1837. Civil registration began on 1 July 1837 and no central records of births, marriages or deaths exist before that date. Births, marriages or deaths before 1 July 1837 are recorded in parish registers in local archives. See The National Archives website for additional information. International - General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) The following is an incomplete list of the resources available from GROS, see their Website or Scotland's People.

International - Other

  • OB: The Proceedings of the Old Bailey (Website)

Archives Office of Tasmania Abbreviations

  • CEN: Census Commission (TA59)
  • CON: Convict Department (TA60)
  • CSO: Colonial Secretary's Office (TA151)
  • CUS: Customs Department (TA61)
  • GO: Governor's Office (TA315)
  • LC: Lieutenant Governor' Court (TA1031)
  • LD: Lands Department
  • LSD: Lands Survey Department
  • MM: Miscellaneous microfilm
  • NS: Non-State Records
  • POL: Police records
  • RGD: Registrar General's Department
  • SC: Supreme Court
  • TC: Tasmaniana & Crowther Collection

Reference Abbreviations: Secondary Sources


  • TPI: Tasmanian Pioneer Index: INFORMIT, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Libraries, in association with the Archives Office of Tasmania; Melbourne, VIC
  • TFI: Tasmanian Federation Index: Macbeth Genealogical Services Pty Ltd; Hampton, VIC
  • TAMIOT: Tombstone and Memorial Inscriptions of Tasmania: Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.; Launceston, TAS


  • ADB: Australian Dictionary of Biography (Website)
  • AF: Ancestral File, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Website (login required))
  • IGI: International Genealogical Index, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Website)
  • WC: Rootsweb WorldConnect (Website)

Newspapers and Gazettes

Newspapers and gazettes are also secondary sources. Nearly all newspaper references have been retrieved from the National Library of Australia's Historic Australian Newspapers site, and the newspapers which are online at the NLA site have the annotation NLA at the end of their entries in following list. Websites, where available, are given for those newspapers and publications not on the NLA site, but which are online elsewhere. England

New South Wales.

  • MM: The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (Newcastle 1843–1893) - NLA
  • NSW Gazette: New South Wales Government Gazette (NSW & Vic 1836-1851) - SLV (Website)
  • SG: The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (1803–1842) - NLA
  • SH: The Sydney Herald (1831–1842) - NLA
  • SMH: The Sydney Morning Herald (1842–1954) - NLA

South Australia

  • Advertiser: The Advertiser - NLA


  • CT: Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser (Hobart 1825 – 1827) and Colonial Times (Hobart 1828–1857) – NLA
  • Courier: The Courier (Hobart 1840–1859) – NLA
  • Examiner: The Examiner (Launceston) - AOT
  • LC: The Launceston Courier (Launceston 1840-1843) – AOT, and NLA Fergussen Project (Website)
  • HTG: The Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter (1816–1821) or Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen’s Land Advertiser ( 1821 – 1825) or Hobart Town Gazette (1825–1827) - NLA
  • HTC: The Hobart Town Courier (1827–1839) or The Hobart Courier and Van Diemen’s Land Gazette (1839–1840) – NLA
  • Mercury: The Hobarton Mercury (1854–1857) or The Hobart Town Mercury (1857) or The Hobart Town Daily Mercury (1858–60) or The Mercury (Hobart 1860–1954) – NLA
  • Tasmanian: The Tasmanian (Hobart) – AOT


  • Argus: The Melbourne Argus (1848–1854) or The Argus (Melbourne 1848–1954) – NLA
  • MA: The Melbourne Advertiser (1838) – SLV (Website)
  • MWC: The Melbourne Weekly Courier (1844–1845) – SLV, and NLA Fergussen Project: (Website)
  • NSW Gazette: New South Wales Government Gazette (NSW & Vic 1836-1851) - SLV (Website)
  • PP Gazette: Port Phillip Government Gazette (Vic 1843-1851) - SLV (Website)
  • PPH: Port Phillip Herald. (Melbourne) – SLV, and (Website)
  • Vic Gazette: Victoria Government Gazette (1851-1997) – SLV (Website)

Reference Abbreviations: Bibliography and frequently used texts.

  • Boyce: Van Diemen's Land - Boyce, James: Van Diemen's Land, Black Inc Publishing, Melbourne, Victoria, 2008
  • Dennison, C.J. Here's Cheers: Hobart, Hobart City Council; Hobart, Tasmania, 2008
  • Lord: Inscriptions in Stone - Lord, Richard: Inscriptions in Stone - St. David's Burial Ground 1804-1872, Hobart Municipal Council, Hobart, Tasmania, 1976
  • Nicholls: Knopwood Diaries - Nicholls, Mary, Ed.: The Diary of the Reverend Robert Knopwood 1803-1838, Tasmanian Historical Research Association, Hobart, Tasmania. 1977
  • Schaffer: Lists - Schaffer, Irene: Land Musters, Stock Returns and Lists – Van Diemen’s Land 1803-1822, St. David’s Park Publishing, Hobart, Tasmania, 1991
  • Schaffer McKay: Exiled Three Times Over - Schaffer, Irene and McKay, Thelma: Exiled! Three Times Over, St. David's Park Publishing, Hobart, Tasmania. 1992
  • Summers: Carrolls of Circular Head - Summers, Judy: The Kildare Carrolls of Circular Head, published privately, 2002
  • Tipping: Convicts Unbound - Tipping, Marjorie: Convicts Unbound: the story of the Calcutta convicts and their settlement in Australia, Viking O'Neil, South Yarra, Vic., 1988
  • Weidenhofer: Garryowen's Melbourne - Weidenhofer, Margaret Ed.: Garryownen's Melbourne - A Selection of Extracts from The Chronicles of Early Melbourne, 1835 to 1852 by Garryowen (Edmund Finn), originally published in two volumes by Ferguson & Mitchell, Melbourne, 1888

Date and Number Formats

  • Dates are entered in full as follows: 1 January 2001
  • Numbers below and including twelve are entered in full, e.g. twelve. Numbers higher than twelve are entered numerically, e.g. 13.


  • Generally footnotes don't end in full stops, unless there is more than one reference in the single footnote.

Birth, Death and Marriage registrations.

  • Repository or Website, Event, Registration year and number. e.g. - AOT Marriage Registration RGD 1892/987.

Printed Material

  • Surname, First Name, Title, Publisher, Year, sometimes page number/s.

Web References

  • Surname, First Name or Institution, Title, Address, date viewed if possible.

Email References

  • Surname, First Name, Title, Recipient, date received. We don't publish addresses as this encourages spammers.
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