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Transportation (Poem)


Tasmania, the period's at hand
When acquitted thy rulers shall be :
Already they've made the demand.
And the eyes of mankind are all fix'd upon thee :
P'onder well the great question-say, wilt thou be free ?

Fair Feedom let no man deride,
Or lightly her favours esteem :
The chances are all on her side.
Shall we stifle the hope that's beginning to gleam,
From the curses of crime our land to redeem ?

To clamour the Truth from .....[indecipherable]
Lo ! our's is a struggle for right ;
A glorious attempt to recover our own :
For which nothing life offers beside can atone.

Will the Government give up her claim,
If we burst from the criminals' slime ?
Where, where is the spirit so tame,
That his birthright would forfeit—barter his time,
For the wages of guilt and the service of crime.

Shall thy far distant friends be cajol'd,
Who have on thy petition relied ?
And learn with regret thou art sold.
By the fiend of intrigue, to the mammon of pride,
'Tis a critical moment, and who shall decide ?

Shall the Members of Council declare ?
Cry question; see, see, they divide.
Alas, they are pois'd to a hair ;
And the Genius of Freedom all access denied :
Whilst the Law kicks tile beam on the sinister side.

Shall the minions of Government say,
A word of such weighty import ?
Behold ! they are driven away,
Like the monarch of old, in the midst of their sport ;
And Justice hath cited new friends to her court.

Shall the exile whose term is expir'd,
Nor sighs for the home of his sires,
Respond to the subject requir'd,
And dictate the number the country requires
Of convicts to serve her delectable squires ?

Shall the corps of a convict police,
Be permitt'd to lift up a hand ?
To all that hold office be peace.
Why should these men sing counter tho' the breadth of the land,
When the free population cessation demand ?

Hail, climate, salubrious and good ;
What country is like unto thee ?
Thy resources are ill understood.
Nor fully develop'd they ever can be,
Whilst a prison thou art, and thy senate's not free.

Patterson's Plains, 23rd April, 1847. 1

  • 1. TRANSPORTATION - Launceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 - 1899) 28 April 1847: page 3 (MORNING)
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