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This is the family story of John Bailey (1809-1891) and Dorothy (Ann) Woodhead (1815-1890) who lived at Parattah in the Newick parish, and is not related to the Kent smuggling Bailey family.

This John Bailey (1809-1891) is often mistaken for similar named individuals of other Bailey families but the relationship is either incorrect, or completely false -

  • John Bailey (1818-1883); son of  Samuel Bailey (c1786-1866), and Sarah Pantry (1780-c1827); who married Frances (aka Fanny) Kenny (c1830-1875) in Melbourne in 1854
  • Samuel Bailey (c1786-1866); is the nephew of John Bailey (1792-1866) and Catherine Richards (c1797-1856)
  • John Bailey (1792-1866); is the husband of Catherine Richards (c1797-1856); convicted Aldington "Blues" gang smuggler from Kent
  • John Potten Bailey (1820-1883); son of John Bailey (1792-1866) and Catherine Richards (c1797-1856)
  • and other numerous individuals with the 'John Bailey' name

This John's parents are Samuel and Ann Bailey, as detailed on his baptism record. 1 His mother Ann, is strongly believed to be Ann PAGE (1778-?), brother of Capt. George James PAGE (1772-1865) and the aunt of Samuel Page (1810-1878), the well known Oatland's based operator of stagecoaches between Hobart and Launceston during the 19th century. This link between the Bailey and Page families will be explored in detail as the Bailey family story unfolds.

Samuel and Ann had three known children that have been traced.

  1. Thomas Bailey (1805-1848) never married
  2. Henry Bailey (1807-?)
  3. John Bailey (1809-1891)
  • 1. England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 - [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA; FHL Film Number: 374357
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This topic has been posted to provide clarity, if that's possible, around the structure of this early Bailey family in Tasmania. Of particular interest is the Bailey family associated with the infamous Blues Gang, or the Aldington Gang, a smuggling operation that existed in Kent in the early 1800s. Lynne Gillam has already provided a wealth of research on some of these families that will not be repeated here, see Lynne Gillam's Website. Other resources to find out more about the Gang include:

A summary of the smuggling individuals involved that are of interest to this site -

  • James Quested, whose descendants married into the Byers, Rowlands and Palmer families
  • George Ransley, whose wife was Elizabeth Bailey, descendants married into the Rayner and Wilson families
  • Richard Higgins, whose wife was Rhoda Bailey, descendants married into the Byers and Wilson families. (see Lynne Gillam's website)

There were many others, all of whom were transported to Van Diemens Land. The following chart is an early attempt to clarify the Bailey family structure, it may change over time as more information is added here. Note that where there appear to be duplicates, it is because the earlier individual died and another sibling was given the same Christian name. Due to size constraints at this point we haven't included dates or places.

Bailey Family Chart
The Bailey Families of Kent, UK and VDL
(Chart by John Horton)